How to Make Real Money Growing Pumpkins in Uganda

How to grow pumpkins in Uganda

Between 95 to 120 days, a farmer who planted Pumpkins is ready to start reaping profits. You can’t imagine the much you are likely to get the moment you start harvesting this ready market food. Trust me, if you have been wondering something you would farm or grow in Uganda and make real money, Pumpkins should be on your list.

Uganda, like many talk and too write about it is a country Gifted naturally. It’s in Uganda where almost all good crops yield high in addition to having ready market both within and outside the country. That is why people who like exploring opportunities take advantage of this naturally gifted county and involve themselves in farming for both cash and consumption.

Pumpkins have existed for a long time in Uganda just like it is in many countries. This crop has lots of health benefits associated with it, and something which makes it one of the high demanded food crop in the market. If you read about its benefits especially on the heath side, trust me you will never miss it off your daily means eg having pumpkin floor at hand.

That is why involving oneself into growing Pumpkins is a way of earning real money in Uganda since market is readily available, besides a the fact that Pumpkins take less than 120 days to be ready for sale. Yes, the size of land you use will determine the much provided you take time to read and understand the whole concept of Pumpkins, what you need to do and how to cater for them in due course.

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Growing Pumpkins in Uganda requires only a few which may include but not limited to land (any ready piece), some money to buy seedlings and controlling pests and etc, and being ready to involve or getting a care taker for those who aren’t doing it as a permanent job. Having the above means getting started. The season thing no longer applies currently since people have manual ways of ensuring that the plants have enough water for them to grow.

In public markets like Owino (st. Balikudembe market), busega, kasubi, nateete, kalerwe and etc, you find that demand will determine the price in addition to the variety. There are different types of pumpkins grown in Uganda and the different farming tips which farmers use.

If you take time and get to know all of them, of course the price and buyers of pumpkins in Uganda won’t be your problem. In fact many farmers who grow this crop share how buyers find them at their farms and buy at the beat prices.

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