How To Stop/Prevent/Restrict/Block Google Play From Over Using/Consuming Your Android Mobile Data

This tutorial is on how to prevent, block, manager, stop and or restrict the Google Play store Android Smartphone application from the excessive usage o your mobile data. And yes, this is one of the common questions many Android OS smartphone users tend to ask themselves on how they can go about managing it.

And regardless of which device you are using, this tutorial might be very helpful to you for you are committed to finding the end and lasting solution. By the way, this is what I use and all I can share is that wow, I no longer get worried about my internet data being over consumed by Google Play Store application.

How about of I take you through the entire steps on how to prevent this and have a less mobile data usage device. Please note that this solution too applies to all other applications which may be over using your data depending on how you use them.

How do you find out which applications are over using your data?

This is a question I had not to miss and a reason you are seeing it. It is important for you to find and know which application is over using your smartphone data so that you can be sure on which one exactly you have to deal with. And below is how to find them or it.

Tap apps icon and head to settings. Tap on Data usage and you will see a list of applications with the amount of data each of them uses per given period of time depending on your choice. On my smartphone, before it was Google Play Store and now, it is Whatsapp since its what I use most of the time..

How to stop Google Play App From Excessive Data Usage?

Below are some of the ways – and by the way, ones which I applied and found them working for me.

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Change your Android Smartphone App update mode – You need to set your apps to only be updated while on WiFi. This will stop the play store application to attempt updating all downloaded and installed apps every time you are using mobile data.

Disable Background Running for this app – Yes, you need to disable Google-play store from running in the background. If you check well how it uses data, you will find out that most of the data is used in the background not foreground.

Limit Mobile Data – Yes, you need to check the mobile data limit check box. This will allow you to activate the background no access mode on most apps and your phone will stop over using your data.

Please note that in order to disable background running, go to settings, data usage, tap on the app and scroll to the end. You will see the icon and words. To set up mobile data limit, enable mobile data first and check the limit box.

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