How To Triple Your Firefox Browser Speed With NoScript Addon

If you are looking for a solution to your Firefox browser slow speeds while surfing the internet, you might be interested in reading this entire article since basing on my personal experience as a Firefox user, I came to realize how it is very possible to increase, double and even triple your surfing speeds even when using a slow internet connection. To begin with, Firefox is a very common browser which is used by very many people from the different parts of the world and which is free to download from its developer page, since its a free product by Mozilla foundation just like the others related products you might be knowing.

On the other hand, NoScript is just a browser addon and which is too free and available for downloading from the Mozilla addons directory although its a product which is created by a third party just like many of the other browser addons whether for Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and any other browser which supports addons. Commonly known as a browser security addon due to its blocking features, I did personally find something else which is more interesting about the same and in fact, a dream which many internet users especially those with slow speed connections would love to turn into reality at least once in a while.

You must be knowing the many and different side effects of a slow connection speed for example failing to load content web pages fully, not loading images and photos on sites, not allowing you to watch and view videos and many others not so? That is so true but still, you need not to worry since trying out the above addon might turn to be one of the solutions which you would want especially if you happen to use Firefox as your preferred web browser when it comes to surfing the web.

And in this simple post, I will show you how you can use NoScript Firefox addon to boost your browser speed since for it tends to override some of those limitations which tends to affect your speed for example by Blocking unwanted JavaScript’s, Redirections, Flash players, iFrames, Plugins, Other scripts, etc and below we go.

How To Get Started (Addon Installation)

To get started with NoScript and Firefox is so simple since all you need is to to launch your browser and navigate to Tools >> Addons >> In put NoScript in the search all addons box >> choose NoScript >> Install >> Restart browser and you will be done with step one.

Dealing With Your Connection Speed

This is too a very simple one. All you need is to click on Options for NoScript addon where you see the S letter next to the address bar and change configurations to your needs. What you should note is that blocking scripts, iFrames, players and any unwanted script and other site redirection will make your current page to load a bit more faster after you save (click OK) and reloading your pages since no more scripts will be required and thus helping you to triple and boost your internet speed.

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NoScript Firefox Addon Configuration

The other important thing with the above is the ability and option to either do your restrictions on a temporally basis or on a permanent basis depending on what you need.

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