IPKall.com Review – Based On User Experience

IPKall Free VOIP Number Do you know anything about IPKall? Have you ever heard of it and nor just interested to know whether they are legit or genuine service providers? This review and which is based on a personal experience as a user will help you discover and explore some detailed information about IP-Kall in order to help you make a choice on whether to use the service or not.

When it comes to owning a free international phone number based in the USA, the above are known to proud themselves as having and offering the best free service when it comes to making people own such free numbers. The IPKall number can be used to receive international calls and local calls over VOIP for example using other Voip services like Nonoh over computer and or those supported mobile applications provided you configure well your application as required.

The service offered by I.P.Kall is 100% free for as long as you are willing to stick to the terms of keeping your number forever without having it terminated just like we know it well that many free service providers tend to have limits and terms on whatever they offer.

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Getting started with IPKall is something simple since all you need is to visit their website, sign up, add your SIP details and instantly started receiving your calls on your free US based phone number. You can read a full tutorial on getting started with Ipkall here

My Conclusion: As a use of IP Kall service for more than a year, all I can say is that they do offer a free and user friendly service which I can recommend anyone who needs a free international phone number to join. Everything is free and all you need is sticking to their rules.

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  1. lala says:

    How do i get started on ipkall? I have read so many posts but seem not to understand how exactly it works. The software is installed but downloaded from a different voip service? How about that one of IPkall. Don’t they have that software too so that we can download them there? I need to forward to my mobile number.

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