Is It Possible To Sell PDF As Kindle Books On Amazon?

Whether its possible to sell PDF files as Kindle eBooks at Amazon is one question which bothers so many out there. And yes, so many more than you can imagine. You find that you, him and her ask themselves this same question over and over just like I used to although ever since I found the right answer, I am no longer bothered.

To be honest, the answer to the above is YES, you can be able to sell your PDF files as but how? Either as an eBook or as a Print. If you chose the Kindle eBook option, of course you need to create a Title, upload your PDF file and leave Amazon do the conversion.

Alternatively, if you chose the Print version, you should use the Amazon Print option which is known as CreateSpace, where you upload your PDF and let them do the rest. Am sure you can see how simple it is to sell your PDF files on one of the leading service providers Amazon.

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If you are ready with your quality PDF, then it only takes you a few minutes to get started and have your books like for the public to purchase. Everything is made simple and easy by

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