NIRA Uganda – How To Replace Lost National ID Card

NIRA Uganda Lost National ID Card replacement Wondering what to do, and how to go about replacing your lost National ID card through NIRA in Uganda? You are reading the right post since in here, you will be able to learn, find out, and access to what you need to know when it comes to replacing your lost Uganda National Identity card, and through the government authority which is responsible for doing that.

NIRA stands for National Identification and Registration Authority, a Ugandan government body which takes on the responsibility of registering all birth, death and issuing of national identity cards. Its the same body which takes on the task of replacing the lost national ID Cards to citizens in cases where a card has been lost or even damaged.

Damaging and loosing the National ID cards is one thing which many people encounter at any one point due to different reasons for example when thieves grab the wallet or even the gab where the card is, and many others. One problem many face is when it comes to replacing such cards since many don’t know where and how to get started.

Requirements for processing / getting Replacement National ID replacement

  • To whom it may concern Police letter
  • Duly filled NIRA Form 11 (application for Lost, defaced or damaged National ID Card)
  • Bank payment slip of associated fees
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That is why you need to read this post since it will help you learn and know what to do in such cases when you need to replace your lost national ID card in Uganda and through NIRA, the authorized body. Below is what you need to do. Below are steps and procedures to follow

1. Begin by reporting the loss of your national ID card to the nearest police station. This will help you get a replacement request notice from the police which you will use in the process.
2. Download NIRA application form for lost identity card and fill it in accurately.
3. Visit URA web portal, register a payment PRN and pay the fees to the bank.
4. Go to NIRA offices, submit in the form, police report and payment slip. .
5. Finally, follow as told until to the last step of securing your replacement card. You can check NIRA faqs and learn more on everything with regard to National Identity Card.

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205 Responses

  1. Mutaremwa Naboth says:

    Hi Adams been reading through the FAQs here, thanks for the work well done. Please let me know if someone can use a NIN to replace a simcard as i wait for the processing of the new ID. And how many days does it take to get an ID ready?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thank you Mutaremwa Naboth for the comment. It’s unfortunate that as of now, it may be hard for you to replace your sim card using a NIN. An ID is required for verification.

  2. Mwanamwoiza Robert says:

    I went to nira offices make for the ID replacement with all the requirements instead they sent me to soroti were I had left two years ago. Claiming that you can only do replacement of ID from the place you first registered from is that true and why? I thought all the information is in the system all I need is to have my old nin number

  3. Yiga Frank says:

    Good morning NIRA , How long does it take to recieve my card

  4. Kibwana Juda says:

    Hi NIRA how do i know that my National ID is ready???

  5. Onzima Derrick says:

    Hi Adams I lost my ID sometime back,I have the police letter and hoping to go to NIRA offices but am I to pay the money right in the bank or I pay it to the NIRA officers the ones incharge of replacement.

  6. nabudadiridinahfaithblog says:

    Where do I pick m national ID from after three months? I finished the replacement procedure

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thank you the comment. Please be advised that the same day you submitted your forms should have been the same day you should have known where to pick your ID. Thanks

  7. Ismail Kalikulali says:

    How long does the process take please

    • KWS Adams says:

      The long it will take you get to know once you submit the forms. Thanks for the comment Ismail Kalikulali.

      • Ismail Kalikulali says:

        Thank you Mr KWS Adams, one more query, is it possible to replace my national I.D if I’m missing my Enrollment form too?

        • KWS Adams says:

          Replacing your national ID doesn’t require you an enrollment form. A dully filled replacement ID form, a police report and proof of payment of replacement fees!

  8. Bbengo Vincent diaz says:

    How can I confirm my registration online?

  9. ndori ndorema immanuels says:

    How long does the process take to secure areplacement?
    If u got urgent travels.

  10. ndori ndorema immanuels says:

    How long does the process take to secure areplacement?

  11. Omara Emmanuel says:

    What if someone needs the id to be renewed very very urgently?


    Hi,am Bagalana Kenneth.
    On Applying I Added Other Name Which 4s Not On My Academic Documents, What Can I Do To Correct That Mistake And What Is The Fee?


    Hi,i lost my ID bt i don’t remember the ID card number so wat can i do en z there online i can search for my ID then i know my ID card number then i replace

  14. johnny says:

    greetings NIRA my mum lost her id and she is a very busy woman she travels a lot but now things have become hard for her since in some places the require a national id which lost so she came to kololo last week with the police later and she picked the form but she was told to come back to your office on monday but my worry is how long will it take for her card to be replaced from the date of payment because she cant even get money from the bank if its sent in her names from abrod which slows her businesses please.Than ksyou

    • Odoi Richard says:

      Nira should look around to shortage the days for processing or replacing the I’d card because some people have limited time


    Hello KWS Adams
    i lost my national id and went through the processes of replacing it. i paid all the necessary fee AND submitted forms but all i can tell u is that they told me that my forms may be got lost after going to kololo for several times. i had photocopied the police letter and payment slips which i showed them and i was told to repeat the process including payments. i need advice

    • KWS Adams says:

      That is unfortunate. How about if you contact the bank where you made the payment and request for original copies of the receipt? At least that will help you bypass the double payment. Otherwise, NIRA has its own way of operation and which is outside our jurisdictions and control. I can’t add on. If you are sure that they told you to repeat the entire process, may be you should do that!

      • Odoch Emmy says:

        Good evening KWS Adams.
        I registered for the replacement of my National ID from NIRA Kololo Airstrip since July this year, now i don’t know where i should pick it from.
        Please direct me.
        Am from Gulu.

  16. otiti alex says:

    hey nira i lost my id on may and i need to recover

  17. tumwesige stephen says:

    I lost my ID and police need the forms we filled or duplicate of the card which I don’t have what should I do for areplacent.fortportal

  18. Namususwa Sauya says:

    Hi NIRA,l lost my National ID last year and I am requesting for recovery.

  19. OKORI JASPER says:

    Dear KWS,

    I lost my national ID, and intend to apply for a replacement, but how do I retrieve my NIN to fill in the NIRA FORM 11? I used *216# but failed to access it.



  21. Tibenda Richard says:

    Hell0 Mr. KSW Adams, how much (Ugsh) do I have to pay to the bank in order to receive a bank payment slip ……’


    how may i also get my NATIONAL CARD replaced which i lost two months ago?



  24. Judi Biira says:

    hello, I registered for replacement of I.d in May. but it has never been there when I go to check. Are they ready or not?

  25. Pacifc Rukundo says:

    Hi NIRA, my ID suddenly got broken into two separated pieces, i still have both of them but i wanted to get a new one… What am i going to do??

  26. martin says:

    hallo nira am in ndejje and my national I’d was stolen together with my wallet l have it photo copy but it is in black an white can it work as my Id at the moment

  27. Nannyanzi Joeria says:

    Am in Nebbi. I want to replace my national ID which was stolen together with my bag. What should I do?

    • Namususwa Sauya says:

      hi NIRA,I lost my National ID last year in July when we were transferring my mum from iganga hospital to kawempe,but I have been with a hope of getting it somewhere but all in vine.what should I do??

  28. morine katusabe says:

    hello Adams, do you think making people pay for the mistakes made in their names
    is the the right way to do it or?
    Another thing i paid for my ID but its now three months i have visited kololo several times and no positive response at all, just telling me to wait.
    What should i do to get it?



  30. Kibira Yonah says:

    Mr Adam I would like to change my National ID address and names according to my birth certificate and yet it was burnt from the house where it was kept right now I don’t have NID is it possible and what procedurers to follow ,requirements to get my national ID

    • KWS Adams says:

      There is no address correction, for as long as the national ID is Uganda, you shouldn’t worry about that. People registered from work place, residential places and etc. There is no cause for change. Now what if you as well change to another location, you will change again? You can change other info but not address! Otherwise for the burnt or damaged etc, use the replacement option.

  31. Gidion says:

    Hello NIRA
    I registered and pick my national id but I didn’t detect some mistakes on immediately.
    The following day when I came to rise a concern that my names were mispeled I was told to wait since I signed for it its only NIRA that can sort such kind of situation
    What do I do then?

    Example : my name is :Gidion Thembo
    Instead spelled as: Gideon thebo
    Kindly direct me where I can get help


    • KWS Adams says:

      Gidion, you should consider filling the details correction form, fill it in, pay the required fees, attach supporting documents eg a court affidavit and submit to NIRA kololo for change of your information.

  32. kalou says:

    I registered for my National ID the first time but was unable to pick it for a long time. Is there a way i can get it or do i need to apply for a new national ID?


    I lost my NATIONAL ? how can get a replacement and at how much


  34. kenneth says:

    which account do I pay to,in which bank and how much to replace my ID

  35. kenneth says:

    Which account number do I pay to for replacement of my ID,in which bank and what amount

  36. Bettty says:

    An inquiry please,
    Supposing i have detail of my National ID Card number not NIN, application number, previous voter number, but can’t access my National ID now, how can i access the NIN since it is not necessary for me to process a new ID

  37. APIDRA PETER says:

    how can we up country access and replace our lost ids because people registering are not aware on the procedures to be followed.

  38. Opio emmanuel says:

    I have already paid the 50k and filled the forms should i go to kololo now for my replacement or this money was to only be paid at kololo.

  39. Faith Matovu says:

    Sorry I meant missed out on the last national id registration. How can I register for one? Thank you!

  40. Ronnie says:

    hey am Ronnie.. When we go to police to check lost Ids they tell us that they send them to NIRA offices and Kololo .But when we reach kololo before even explain to any one they give u replacement forms and bankslip to pay 50000.
    yet police is informing us they collect all Ids and deposit them to kololo.

  41. Diana says:

    Is there a way I can access my NIN online? I own a national I.D which am unable to access now so I don’t really need to process a new one.
    Thank you

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Diana, unfortunately, such a service isn’t yet available online. I would advise you to visit NIRA offices in person and get your Nira Uganda national ID NIN number.

  42. Tumusiime says:

    We understand that NIRA is Uganda government official registrant body for birth registration, death registration, national identity card, non numbers and etc. Please adams, can you clarify which NIRA form number exactly one has to fill for a particular service. Thank you in advance.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hi Tumusiime and thanks for the comment. The following below are NIRA form numbers you should download, fill and submit when processing certain documents.

      1. Forms for Registration of Persons
      – Form 1 Notification of Change-error in Information in the Register
      – Form 2 Request to Confirm Information in the Register
      – Form 8 Authorization Form
      – Form 11 Application for Replacement of Lost Defaced or Damaged National ID Card

      2. Forms for Births and Deaths registration
      – Form 3 Notice of Birth of a Child
      – Form 5 Notice of Intention of Change of Name of Adult
      – Form 6 Application to the Change a Name of Child
      – Form 7 Application to Change Name of a Child
      – Form 8 Application to Update Register After Operation of Hermaphrodite
      – Form 11 Application to Register Presumed Death_Form 11
      – Form 12 Notification of Death
      – Form 13 Certificate of Cause of Death
      – Form 15 Application for a Certified Copy of Entry in the Register of Birth and Death
      – Form 16 Application to Inspect Register Obtain a Copy of Entry In Register

      Hope this will help you out. Please note that the forms are available for download from NIRA Uganda web portal.

  43. Gabriel says:

    Thank you for the good work KWS! Can you share with us the NIRA cost / fees structure of the service processing eg lost national id replacement, birth certificate registration of death certificate, renewal national id, alien foreign birth certificate and all others fees. Thank you

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks Gabriel for the comment. Below is NIRA cost / fees structure of the service processing. Please note that these fees are quoted as of the date of this comment, and are subject to change. You are therefore advised to always check on NIRA Uganda portal for update fees.

      Change of information a) New ID required 50,000 UGX
      b) New ID not required Nil
      Correction of Errors a) New ID required 50,000 UGX
      b) New ID not required Nil
      New alien’s ID card 100 USD
      Confirmation of a person’s Information in the register 1,000 UGX
      Renewal of ID a) Renewal of National ID 50,000 UGX
      b) Renewal of Alien’s ID 100 USD
      Late renewal of ID (For both Nationals and Aliens) The default period is; a) Less than 1 month 40,000 UGX
      b) 1 Month Not Stated
      c) More than 1 month but less than 3 months 140,000 UGX
      d) 3 Months Not Stated
      e) More than 3 months but less than 6 months 240,000 UGX
      f) 6 Months Not Stated
      g) More than 6 months 2 Currency points for each day of default 1 = 20,000 UGX
      Replacement of Lost ID Card a) National ID Card 50,000 UGX
      b) Alien ID Card 100 USD
      Replacement of Defaced or Damaged ID a) National ID Card 50,000 UGX
      b) Alien ID Card 100 USD
      BIRTHS & DEATHS Nationals a) Certificate of Birth-Nationals 5,000 UGX
      b) Change of Name of an Adult 150,000 UGX
      c) Change of Name of a Child 20,000 UGX
      d) Certificate of Death 5,000 UGX
      e) Certified Copy of an Entry in the Register 1,000 UGX
      f) Search in the Register 1,000 UGX
      Foreigners a) Certificate of Birth-Foreigners 40 USD
      b) Late Registration of Birth 20 USD
      c) Change of Name of an Adult
      d) Change of Name of a Child
      e) Certificate of Death
      f) Certified Copy of an Entry in the Register
      g) Search in the Register

  44. David Roundtree says:

    Lost and Found NIRA Uganda national identity cards adverts board. Mr. Adams, we really appreciate your efforts to help us in recovering our lost Uganda national ID’s and NIN Numbers.

    Please can you help us start something like lost and found national id adverts board so we can simply post our lost nira uganda identity card details, and too check for others who lost them.

    This can help in relieving us the headaches of police and etc. Think about this mr adams, you can even charge everyone who posts a lost id in his name and charge those who come to collect the lost ids.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thank you so much David Roundtree for the comment. I really appreciate the fact that you are one person who can recognize that indeed, what we do helps many out there. About the Lost and Found NIRA Uganda national identity cards adverts board, this is something we are still thinking of considering the various legal requirements to run it. Remember, not all people have their lost, others are simply stolen and etc where by advertising them might mean that one posting is the thief, and which isn’t the case at most. We will update you immediately we are on board. Thanks.

  45. Carol says:

    1. Where are the Kampala division offices for NIRA located?
    2. There are many lost national identity cards at various police stations(the few i have checked for my lost id) around Kampala,iam suggesting that a mechanism to recover such lost documents back to their owners should be thought about,as the card may be found on a far away police station than the suspected one. This may be faster instead of the whole hectic exercise of replacement both in terms of time and moneywise. Thnx

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks Carol for the comment. What would you suggest as being the solution or mechanism for recovering national ID’s? Should they be advertised in the news, radio or TV? But still, not everyone buys them? How about the police taking them to NIRA head office since all replacements are processed from that side? Don’t you think at least that would save? Anyways, that was my personal view. Please share yours @Carol

      • Carol says:

        Thank you for the response. Well your view would work but look more at less expensive ways of advertising them. I would think police officers before writing those “to whom it may concern letters” can first inquire among the other police stations with the details of the lost id.
        Secondly, about your view, all lost ids being submitted to NIRA head office(though i agree it can work for the ones around kampala) may be hectic and costly again for someone in a remote village upcountry to access the head office. May be what would work for them is the different police stations, even community police compiling a list of all lost ids and copies be given to LC1s(following the details of where the card was issued from) who are directly in contact with these people so that they inform them where exactly to locate their ids. Thank you.

        • KWS Adams says:

          Carol, I dont think that your suggestion can ever work. If NIRA was a private institution, may be it would but being a government ran, Oh think about how information flows. Sure, I really wonder how long it can take for a police post deep in masaka there to file to Central for example. Even if that system was in place, I think it wont work out why? If a Fortportal resident lost his ID in Kampala or even in Gulu, how would it reach Fortportal? Besides, how will one know that the ID he or she lost was sent back?

          Personally, I would think that setting up something like an Online portal where every lost ID with its details would be posted, and a location to pick it up added, that would save since at least a bigger percentage would be able to use that portal. May be something else, but not the one you suggested above.

    • Carol says:

      question NO.1’s response please.thnx

      • KWS Adams says:

        NIRA head office is within Kampala. At KCCA central division, you are likely to get the Registration and Pickup of issued national ID’s but not submitting replacement application I guess. Try KCCA central division offices just after Post Bank Nakivubo. Hope this answers your question Carol.

  46. Opio emmanuel says:

    Is it possible for to submit your replacement forms to kololo or this can only be done by yourself.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Opio emmanuel, it is you who can submit the NIRA Uganda national ID replacement forms. Since the process might require some validation, none other than you yourself can do it. So, it is you to submit at NIRA offices.

  47. Achilles says:

    Am Achilles
    yesterda I lost ma ID b4 I register ma SIM card ,is there any way that I can get the details of my ID so that i can register my SIM Card b4 they cut me off…. then after I continue with the process of getting another one??
    please help me thx

    • KWS Adams says:

      Achilles, the details of your NIRA Uganda national ID like the NIN can’t be gotten online. They are held in the Central registry where by you should visit NIRA offices and get help right from there.

  48. Nakate Alice says:

    Is there a way I can get to know my nin number for my lost national identity card such that I register my SIM cards before they are blocked from the NIRA as am processing the new one? Because theyvhave the details of our records.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Now that the deadline was postponed till May 19th 2017, this is enough time for you Nakate Alice to process your NIRA Uganda national ID replacement instead of asking for the NIN only. However, since NIRA has all info, you can visit their offices and ask for your NIN so you can register.

  49. omaline andrew says:

    hello dear I regesterd for national id before election of 2016 but uptodate I did not get my id, whenever i go to crosscheck i don’t find it what can i do? pze

    • KWS Adams says:

      Omaline andrew, it is so sad to know that you never gotten your NIRA Uganda national ID since 2016. I would advise that next time you go checking, ask them what exactly you should do. If it is to re-register, let me advise you accordingly. Alternatively, you can visit NIRA head office with your registration form and inquire.

  50. anwar sadat kanaana says:

    I paid for all da requirements for I’d replacement,I was promised to be called back in two weeks but till now no response. Wat can I do?????

    • KWS Adams says:

      Anwar sadat kanaana, instead of waiting for NIRA to call you back, and which might take decades, I would advise you to go and cross check the status of your ID. You never know, it may already be out or still pending. Hope this helps.

  51. Ssonko Edward says:

    thank you so much for the information though my question s how long does it take to process the id, is it instantly or do I wait for some time?

  52. Catherine says:

    how much do they charge for national ID replacement?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Catherine, the prices are available on NIRA portal, and which exactly are auto filled when registering a PRN on URA portal.. You can visit it and check out.

      • Ssonko Edward says:

        kindly could you send the link of that portal cos I’ve failed to locate it please

        • KWS Adams says:

          Ssonko Edward, what portal are asking about? Kindly be specific so I can help you out.

          • Ssonko Edward says:

            Mr Adams am kindly asking to properly direct me where I can access the mode of payment in the ura website cos I have failed to locate it there.

            • KWS Adams says:

              Ssonko Edward, the mode of payment can be by check or by cash or mobile money. Simply visit the URA web portal and generate a payment registration number and proceed to the bank and pay. Read how to generate Payment PRN here. All you need to do is to select NIRA from the drop down list, and a bank of your choice.

              • Ssonko Edward says:

                i’ve followed the steps there and i was successful in gaining the payment registration form though i am wondering what account number i am paying to cos here its blank…please help..thanks

                • KWS Adams says:

                  Ssonko Edward, the payment is automated when you go to the bank. They know the account number it should banked on. All you need is to go to the bank with the form and money.

      • Rick H says:

        If you are going to run an Information Blog must have all the Information at hand,, Going by you replys ..YOU are a waste of time ,,

        • KWS Adams says:

          Thank you Rick H for the comment. Let me hope you aren’t a kind who never appreciates on anything. What I am happy of is that other people are finding this information piece helpful, and a starting step, other than being a waste of time like you said.

  53. Nakate Alice says:

    Are there nira offices in Lira? Or it’s only in Kampala?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Nakate Alice, if you are in LIRA, I would suggest that you first try out NIRA Lira office. Let them know your situation and you will be told where best to submit your replacement forms.

  54. Nakate Alice says:

    Specifically which bank are am I supposed to pay from?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks for the comment Nakate Alice. You can select any bank of your choice for as long as it is listed from the drop down list. Don’t ask me for the bank account, it is automated.

      • azhr matovu says:

        Have you seen anyone who replaced their ids succesfully and recieved them back….coz i lost mine today

  55. Nakate Alice says:

    is there a way I can submit my form and the other requirements like police report and payment slip after scanning online?

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Nakate Alice, I am scared so far, the online option isn’t available. Besides, you might be required to be present during the course. I would suggest and recommend that you visit NIRA offices directly and submit your ready forms.

  56. Nakiganda Shamim says:

    Thanks for your responses. I am Shamim Nakiganda and I lost my ID yesterday a thief grabbed my bag when I was going to verify my SIM card. I don’t have any photocopy with me. So how can I get my ID or NIN so that am not disconnected before 20/4/2017. Thanks

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks Nakiganda Shamim for the comment and sorry for the what happened to you. One thing I will advise you is to report the lost ID to the police, and start on the process of getting a replacement. You will as well as for your NIN once you reach NIRA offices. Hope this helps.

    • Okello Simon P eter says:

      I misplaced my ID card, look for it , the all of this week, and I can not see related doucuments, What can I do to get replacement? My mail address ([email protected])

      • KWS Adams says:

        Hi Okello Simon Peter and thanks for the comment. One thing I can advise you is to follow the above procedures and apply for a replacement Uganda NIRA national Identity Card. Otherwise, you wont be able to get anything sent to your email.

  57. mutaziza mark says:

    On which account do I pay the ID replacement money?? Thank you very much

    • KWS Adams says:

      Dear mutaziza mark and thanks for the comment. When generating the Uganda national NIRA ID payment PRN, the account is updated automatically and paid to the right receiver. By you asking the account, it means you haven’t even tried the process. Try and you will see it automated.

  58. Chebet ali says:

    Thanks I am chebet ali my big issue is contacts of NIRA are not given so how do i know if ready or no inst ead of spending one hundred thousand but told come back later

    • KWS Adams says:

      Chebet ali, I am sure you will be given the contact phone numbers once you ask them on your next visit to NIRA Offices. While the numbers can be given, one cant know which exact NIRA branch office is handling your issue. Better to ask them exactly where you submitted in.

  59. Winnie says:

    Good evening sir /madam. I lost my national id can you please help me replace it coz the ucc is going to disconnect my lines. Nalwoga Winnie, if you please send me the nin please

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks Winnie for the comment. Even though it was possible to send you the NIN number, you didn’t provide enough details. Taking that aside, you can only get to know your NIN by visiting the NIRA offices. And please note that, its not all about UCC disconnecting your lines but rather, you need to have that national id as a good citizen/. So process the replacement when its not too late.

      • ssekajja Joel Reagan says:

        Hello NIRA, I lost my National ID but is there a way I can find my NIN to verify my simcard as I process a new one?

        • KWS Adams says:

          Ssekajja Joel Reagan, how about if you visited the NIRA offices and inquired instantly? I am sure you will be told on what to do when it comes to finding what your NIN number is. But also, note that you will need to process a replacement since a national ID is very vital now that it is mandatory in Uganda.

  60. Nassuna Aidah Florence says:

    I handed in forms and payslips in a bid to replace my lost ID on 7th April,2017. I’m however finding difficulty in registering my simcards because though my ID is not yet out,i was given a 13 character NIN instead of 14 on the chit I’m to use when picking my new ID next month. kindly advise please!

    • KWS Adams says:

      You had not made a photocopy out of your Uganda national ID before you lost it? If you had, simply use that on the copy but if you had not, then you should contact NIRA directly and see if you can get your NIN. If you have the Voters slip, check on it, chances are that your NIN is there.

  61. Lucky Brian says:

    Can’t I access my ID details online?
    Thank you

  62. Kenneth Odong Oroya says:

    Hi, I put in a wrong signature during the National ID registration exercise and am now facing a lot of difficulties in performing different transactions.
    Please sir, what can I do to change my signature.

  63. ODOCH EMMY says:

    Good evening NIRA UGANDA.
    Am here by submitting in a problem for my Lost National Identity Card. I lost my National Identity Card since 27th December 2015 whereby it was stolen with my Bag containing other items, it happened when i was travelling by a Bus from KARUMA to GULU where i stay.
    I reported to the Police the following day after the incident, I checked all the Radio Stations in Gulu but i never find my ID Card.

    Just recently i went to The NIRA OFFICE in GULU on the 27th January 2017 for the process of replacing that lost National ID. They sent me to the ORIENT BANK to pay for the Charges for Replacement.
    Then i went and acquired the Letter from the Gulu Police Post again. I attached it plus Bank Payment Sheet and the form i used for registering of the National ID Card.
    Just this month of March i went to the NIRA GULU OFFICE to check if there was any progress made upon the Replacement of my National ID CARD but they told that, they are calling people on Phones to go and take their photos from KAMPALA .
    Now am confused on what to do because i have not yet received any Phone Call concerning that issue!
    Please help me if possible, am ready to come where you will direct me to.
    My Phone Number is (0789163143).

    I would be very glad i my problems are put under your consideration.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Odoch Emmy.

  64. Chebet ali says:

    I applied to replace lost id names Chebet ali but no cal 3 month ago what can i do

    • Chebet ali says:

      Cant they give us contacts so that we dont transport to check only to be told not ready

      • KWS Adams says:

        I am sure you were given a Tracking number for your application. Why not go to Kololo or where you applied for the Replacement Uganda national ID and find out. That will help you for real. Thank you for commenting Chebet ali.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks for the comment Chebet ali. First, were you given a tracking or reference number? And where were you told to collect the national ID from? If it is NIRA head office in Kololo, I would advise you to go there. And if you were told any other office, then of course you should at that. Hope this helps.

  65. Nicholas kintu says:

    Hello how long does it take to get a replacement for a lost id

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks Nicholas kintu for the comment and question. To be honest, the time it takes varies depending on certain factors which may include but not limited to where you submitted your Replacement national ID from eg Kololo or other offices, and how long you were told to officially wait. That information is available the moment you hand in your application.


    Thanks for this service ,i am madia annet i did register since 2015 when i was at my school but failed to get mine because i lost the pre registration letter so am really stuck everyone is telling me i wont get it .so kindly please advice me is it true that i wont get it or atleast i have a chance of getting it

  67. mutoni kasande grace says:

    I registered for the lost I’d but it’s now a month no calling me should I go to the office and ask for it

  68. Rogers says:

    I have never got a national I’d before,, can I get one and am I supposed to pay for it?

    • KWS Adams says:

      First time national ID registration is free of charge. Go to where they are registering eg at the KCCA division and register. You will be told when to get your ID. But if you had it before and say lost it, then you are subject to paying…

  69. Vivian says:

    I registered but didn’t pick my id it’s now coming to two years. they people had already left by the time I went to pick my id. would you please advise me. I registered from Makerere kivulu. thanks.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Go to the subcounty offices where you fall. They will tell you where to pick your ID but most likely, it will be there. Your village where you registered from falls under a parish, that parish too falls under a subcounty. Go there and seek help on where your Uganda national ID is.

  70. Rwabutara Ivan says:

    i left my national ID in another country,Kenya to be precise,in a hotel room as i was rushing to come to Uganda.I was mainly in a rush of applying for a job which has a deadline this Sunday.Unfortunately at the job offices i was requested to provide my National Identification Number (NIN) yet im sure my card is in Kenya,Turkana State.
    So im inquiring is there a way i can obtain my NIN from Uganda because i want to beat the deadline? If so, what is the procedure of obtaining the NIN?
    In addition I have the document i used when i was applying for the Nationl ID.

    • KWS Adams says:

      The better way is to call the hotel where your left your ID and see if they have it. Or, simply go to NIRA offices in Kololo and see if you can get the ID.

  71. akullo robinah says:

    My mums year of birth is not correct.they wrote another year for her.what can we do.she was complaining

    • KWS Adams says:

      Instead of she complaining, and which wont help in anyway, your mother should apply for national ID details / info correction. She should download the form from the NIRA portal, fill it in, generate a payment registration number, make payment to the bank and submit details to NIRA head office with supporting documents confirming that what they filled in was an error. Hope this helps you Akullo Robinah

  72. Opiyo Godfrey says:

    I and my wife also need a replacement. Mine got lost when thieves broke in my house and carried our things

  73. Namuli Mebal says:

    I didn’t register for the National Id and I am away from my birth district what can I do

  74. mutebi abdu says:

    I need it in a day can u

  75. mutebi abdu says:

    I needed aplacement bt according to someone above am afraid

    • KWS Adams says:

      Follow the replacement procedures above and submit your forms. You will be told on what to do and how. Dont just stay worried about your national ID Mutebi.

  76. Hasan Bak says:

    Thank you for sharing this article Adams. I will be glad to help you in answering some of the questions and concerns raised here whenever I am available. Cheers 🙂

  77. david angura says:

    how long does it take to be printed from the date of application for replacement

  78. amur monica says:

    hello sir i regesterd from school but unluckly i lost the paper and i have failed to get my id .what am i supposed to do pliz

  79. amur monica says:

    can i be able to get a new id (express) from kololo coz i need it as early as posible

    • Hasan Bak says:

      You can make the replacement from Kololo (NIRA H/Q). However, there’s nothing like Express. The replacement will have to follow the normal procedures. Thanks.

  80. pacutho isaac jakisa says:

    hello sir,
    I registered when i was still at high school in kampala but right now am in Gulu unfortunately i lost the id, where can i get started about the replacement, can i do it from Gulu also

  81. Resty says:

    Hello sir
    My national id was stolen last year and i need to replace it soon,how can I go about it cause I have nothing with me.but i got a temporary village id am using but i badly want a national id to start working on my passport as well.i need your advise please.
    Resty Kiwumulo 29/10/1991(seguku)

  82. Yapi Isaac says:

    Am done with fingerprint now what is next will they call me?

  83. Chebet ali says:

    Why is the process delayed up to two month yet i need to go to Rwanda what can i do i waried of fraudstars

  84. Mariam says:

    is it possible for someone to use your ID number to find out your information

  85. anorld says:

    am asking whether ts possible to help someone recover lost his National ID in case he is not capable ov doing it on his own..and plz hw much does one require to recover his card THAX

  86. Lubega Benjamin says:

    For how long because a little longer is never specific

    • KWS Adams says:

      Now that is the kind of information you should obtain from the location where you applied from. It is hard for me to know when your info was put in the database, whether it was verified or not and whether you paid or not. Please keep hold, am sure the officers responsible for your ID will issue it very soon…

  87. Lubega Benjamin says:

    They had given me a period of one month but now it is coming to 2months and they had allocated me to pick it from KCCA central division but i have gone there three times and keep telling me not yet

  88. Lubega Benjamin says:

    Sir i did all the procedures of replacing national ID from August up to now, have not received it should i also wait until next year. what could be the problem…

    • KWS Adams says:

      Hello Benjamin, I would advise you to go to where you applied for a duplicate from and inquire when you should expect your National ID. Thanks

    • Hasan Bak says:

      Hello Benjamin, please visit the NIRA Office in your district for information on when your card is likely to be ready.

  89. aber brenda oyet says:

    I did everything to replacey lost id but upto now they have not yet issued it since am wondering why this long or should i expect it next year.

  90. AKMU MAWA says:

    i need id replacement

  91. lubega benjamin says:

    Hi there!
    I have reached to the final step of picking my ID from central division but they keep tossing me that have not been worked on yet I took a month and some few weeks wasting transport just checking whether it is there. I kindly begging you please work on the ID it is so emergent that is needed yet am also on pressure. please keep in consideration a specified period of when to pick them than just randomly checking whether it is done.

    • Hasan Bak says:

      Hello Benjamin, I would advise you to pick the contact details for the staff at the Division office the next time you visit them such that before you waste transport going there, you first contact them and confirm.

  92. Otema Alan says:

    Sir my National ID and adriving license was stolen but I have duplicate ones can I use those ones until the date of renewing thanks

  93. Lufuga Ronald says:

    my ID has been stolen now so how long will it take & what’s the fees for getting new one

  94. Obaloker Walter Oryang says:

    Sir, i have my id but the year of birth was wrongly written instead of 01.04. 1984 they wrote 01.04.1979 .What is your advice? Help me out Amuru District. Thanks

  95. lubega benjamin says:

    i lost my ID and i was requesting on how to go about it in terms of replacement

  96. TINA says:

    what is the address and phone contacts of this kololo place. i need my id replaced and my brother needs to register for a new id. please help.

  97. opio Isaac says:

    thanks alot I too lost my identity card and I am worried that the same thief might use my identity card some and then I become the suspect when traced,some which measure is in place for a case like this thanks

    • KWS Adams says:

      First you should report the loss of your ID to the nearest police station. Then go on the procedure to obtain a replacement. Hope this helps you out. Thanks for commenting

  98. Omirambe Francis says:

    I lost my I’D now need replacement and above all I have a phocopy of the I’D of both sides and stays in a village so what I need to understand from you is will I pay for the replacement. long will it take me after the application
    3.any telephone contact for detailed oral explanation

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks for the inquiry. Could you please go to NIRA offices in kololo and get all the answers at once? Thanks!

    • Hasan Bak says:

      1. All Fees are payable in any bank of your choice. Simply inform the bank operator that you are paying for replacement of your National ID card.

      2. Time can vary from 2 weeks to a month.

      3. +256 312 119 600

      Hope this helps you.

  99. OKETCH PAUL says:

    replacement @ hw much money

  100. Jerry kitimbo says:

    I didnt register for National ID. How do i register now so that i get the ID also. Thank you.

    • Hasan Bak says:

      Visit NIRA offices in your district with a recommendations from your L.C.I Chairperson, GISO and DISO and documentary proof to support your citizenship (birth certificate, baptism card, passport, parents’ national ID Cards, graduated tax records, academic records, employment record etc – some of these documents may be yours or for your paents).

  101. Eva kigozi says:

    Information was helpful of how to get areplacement of natioanal id that has been lost. Where is the replacement office?

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