How to obtain class B (Learners) driving permit in Uganda

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In order to obtain a genuine Class B motor vehicle new driving permit in Uganda, certain procedures must be followed by the interested individual since that is the only way one is able to acquire the UCDP which allows him or her to drive legally on the roads as per the roads and traffic rules in Uganda.

In this article, I share with you the entire process of applying and obtaining Class B driving permit in Uganda. To note is the fact that this class is mandatory for anyone who is willing to drive motor vehicle including goods and services for as long as they fall in the class category.

I order to get started, one needs to follow the below procedures and which happens at specified duration and timeframe in addition to having paid all associated fees.

  1. Visit Uganda revenue authority website and click on eServices.
  2. Click payment registration and chose NTR.
  3. Select Learners /provisional driving permit.
  4. Fill in the entire form and select the bank of your choice.
  5. Input provided Characters and click submit.
  6. Review information on the next page and click Print.
  7. Fill in the money in words and in fugues and sign the payment slip.
  8. Go to the bank and make the payment.
  9. Go back to URA portal and download UCDP medical form.
  10. Take the UCDP form to the doctor and have you checked.
  11. The doctor will write a report and stamp the form.
  12. Attach the medical form and payment slip and go to Kyambogo Face technologies.
  13. Follow procedures at that end from submission to being issued a learners permit

From this step and upon being issued the learners / provisional driving permit, you are supposed to go to the testing center and prove that indeed you are qualified to drive. Read next on what to do and what is required in order to get the class competence (passing the test).

Please note that this same process applies to those who wish to obtain other classes like class A, F, G, H and I learners driving permits in Uganda. Same process and same procedures just like for class B above.

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