15 Must Have Mobile Repairing Tools List

Professional cellphone repair tools kitIf you are into mobile hardware or software repairing, you definately needs tools which will perform all associoated tasks as expected. Knowing and understanding which ones are the best depending on the different faults is key to the success of your business since you will always be in position to deal with almost all addressed issues without worrying about failing.

Being a phone technician doing the same business for the past 10 years has helped much when it comes to selecting the best choices. With new brands and types coming up on the market everyday, technicians need to know what is required when it xcomes to performing all sorts of repairs. Whether you are a new  entrant or a speciality in this maintaince field, this list of the 15 best mobile repairing tools kit will be very helpful to you.

If you want to download this document in PDF, simply select print and you will be able to print or even save it for further reading on any supported device/s. This article includes the must have tools including those best for hardware eg, screw drivers, and those which are very advantageous when perfoming software issues.

You will also have an option to read each tool’s full review together with a a link where you will be able to buy at the best prices when compared with other selling sites. Using these, you are able to start up a cellphone repairing business or home based workshop and enjoy tyhe well known benefits.

#1. Modway MO-EEI-1423-BLK Veer-Reception Desk Flip-Up Arm Drafting Chair

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Sitting comfortably has been described as one way which can help workers do quality. Yes, the Modway MO-EEI-1423-BLK veer-reception desk flip-up arm drafting chair will allow you complete work well without worrying about your back. Being adjustable means fit for use by anyone since it only requires one to adjust to where they fit.

This item fits well in any workshop or even in a home room thus giving you ability to work without worry. It can ajust from 21.5″ to 29.5″ off the ground, is stylish, has a breathable mesh back, padded waterfall mesh seat, etc which all aim at proving the tecnician comfort while at work.

#2. Dicfeos 2 Pack Magnifying Glass, 4X Handheld Reading Magnifier

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This magnifying glas helps turn tiny things into big ones by bring them closer. Since mobiles contain small ics, diods and etc found on the motherboard, the only way to repair them or find a faulty one is to use this glass. Yes, you will also be able to perform replacements without worrying of going beyond where you don’t want to.

One reason I love this tool is because it has a non-scratch glass. It also has a shatterproof which works perfect when it comes to protecting the glass. In fact, it is even durable since I have been using it for the last couple years. Without it, your workshop isn’t complete.

#3. Singer 00557 4-1/2-Inch Professional Series Detail Scissors, Nano tip

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A scissor is a very important tool in any repairing works. The scissor can be used while cutting certian things which are involved with the kind of work to do with mobile reparing. You can use the scissor to cut looping wires which are used to link back to broken lines. It can also be used to cut foil tape and etc which are all found in workshops.

With its nano tip, you can even use it for extra functions, which makes it a must have tool in any maintainance workshop including for smartphones.

#4. YIHUA 862BD+ SMD ESD Safe 2 in 1 Soldering Iron Hot Air Rework Station °F /°C with Multiple Functions

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A Rework station is a powerful tool. Without it, trust me you won’t be able to complete anything related to hot air or even soldering unless you have a seperate soldering iron. When it comes to removing ics and other hardware components of a mobile-phone, a rework station is mandatory.

This YIHUA 862BD+ SMD ESD is a safe 2 in 1 soldering iron which at the same time works as a hot air rework station °f /°c with multiple functions. With it, everything to do with soldering is safe.

#5. Amoper LCD Digital Microscope

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Going digital from analogue is a step ahead. If you want to do work the professional way, then investing in this toll will help you much. Amoper’s LCD digital microscope is a 7 in hd screen 1200x with magnification zoom camera which at the same time can be used as a video recorder.

It has an angle adjustable microscope which allows you place the motherboard in any location of choice. It also has 8 led lights and an built-in 3000 mah battery rechargeable which allows you stay online even when the electricity grid is off.

#6. NS Pro UART Clip

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In a workshop, technicians recieve a number of devices. While some models most commonly those made by Chinese are compatible to a single software box for example GSM Aladdin, most Original made devices won’t be supported.

With the NS Pro UART Clip, you will be able to perform a number of tasks ranging from writing firmware, decoding, entering download mode in LG and Samsung mobiles. In short, this tool is a a multifunctional solution for flashing and unlocking LG and Samsung mobile phones you must have in a workshop.

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#7. Miracle Box with Miracle Key Dongle

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For all my time as a technician, I have approved Miracle Box with Miracle Key Dongle as part of me in this career. Supporting a range of Chinese cellphones, you will be able to do flashing, repairing imei, removing Google account (frp), unlocking, locking bootloader and etc tasks using this all-in-one multifunctional tool.

Miracle Box with Miracle Key Dongle supports multiple CPU’s including MTK, SPD, CoolSand, MStar and very many others including the clone (copy) Samsung, Nokia, Alcatel and etc.

#8. No Clean SnPb Leaded Solder Paste 15 Grams

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Whether you are a newbie technician or an adcvanced who prefers using small items as opposed to the bigger ones, this No clean snpb leaded solder paste 15 grams will do your job perfectly. I have used it when removing smaller ics from the motherboard and it works just fine.

#9. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

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Continuity is one reason why a digital multiple meter is a must have in any workshop or by anyone who wants to do repair work. Whether you are working with feature-phone keyboard or network lines, mouthpiece waysand etc, this AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter (Dual Fused for Anti-Burn) will output as you need.

This multimeter can be used to test and measure AC/DC voltage, DC current (not ac current), resistance, continuity, diodes, etc. It is digital with a digital screen which helps you see the current voltage or continuity other than guessing.

#10. Zehhe Copper Foil Tape with Double-Sided Conductive

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Whether you want to replace a screen touch, soldering, grounding or minor repairs, Zehhe’s Copper Foil Tape with Double-Sided Conductive – EMI Shielding,Stained Glass,Soldering,Electrical Repairs,Slug Repellent,Paper Circuits,Grounding (1/4inch) will do for you a clear job. Being double sided means not only working with repairs but also can do a good job when it comes to protecting your devices from electromagnetic interference. I use this conductive from time to time in my workshop for screen glass replacement purposes.

#11. NCK Box Pro

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With no gurantee on the kind and type of cellphones clients will be forwarding to you as an expert, having this NCK Box Pro, a multifunctional servicing tool for Alcatel, Samsung, LG, Huawei and other models will help you deal with most models. Yes, I use this for unlocking, flashing, backing up, factory reset protection removal, skipping frp, repairing imei, reading and writing NVRAM, formating and many other functions on both MTK, etc chipset mobiles.

#12. UMT Box

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UMT Box is multifunction when it comes to perfoming tasks like flashing, remove sim lock, repair bt, wipe data, remove google account, etc on the different models, types and brands. You can also use this box for removing sim lock, wiping data, dealing with firmware, removing FTM mode, auto detecting mobile CPU type and etc.

#13. ARRIS SURFboard (32×8) Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem Plus AC2350 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

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“The AC2350 is a dual band Wi-Fi and a 4 port gigabit router, It is compatible with most U.S. cable providers including Xfinity, Cox and spectrum. It supports up to 32 download and 8 upload channels. It is approved for plans up to 680 Mbps. It is a concurrent Wi-Fi router with 4 gigabit ethernet ports and comes with a 2 year limited warrant”

Having this router in your workshop will save you more than you can imagine. Since it is an internet device, it will help you for example when making updates of your related devices including software boxes, downloading of latest free tools, making you stay connected to the world, and etc. Best of all, the ARRIS SURFboard (32×8) Docsis 3.0 Cable Modem Plus AC2350 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router is compatible and certified for Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox & More (SBG7600AC2) with maximum download speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps.

#14. Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers Set (4-Piece)

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Tweezers are multi-purpose tools which are a must have in every workshop or for anyone who is into the repairing industry especially with cellphones. You can use them to serve a range of purposes right from touching small screws, pointing exaxct locations, removing dust and etc. This tools by Utopia care is a professional stainless steel tweezers set which comes in 4 pieces. They can also be used for ingrown hair, facial hair, splinter, blackhead and tick remover, etc.

#15. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit, 60 in 1 with 56 Bits Screwdriver Set

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The only way to disemble is unscrewing the screws first and which is possible through the use of a screwdriver. ORIA’s precision screwdriver kit is very handy and has up to 60 in 1 with 56 bits screwdrivers. The screwdrivers are magnetic with flexible shaft and an extension rod . They can be used for mobiles, game consoles, tablets, pcs, blue and etc.

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