How To Create New Google Account Without Gmail (Using Yahoo Email, etc)

Create a Non Gmail Google Account Guide

You can create a new Google account without Gmail by doing this below. Following the steps as shown in this post will allow you make use of all associated products and services depending on your needs for example  Adsense, Adwords, YouTube, Blogger, Sites, etc.

This procedure won’t require you to first create a Gmail account unless you need it for emails. The guide will require you to have your other email address since it is what we will need. See more of the requirements so you can get started with creating your Google account when well prepared. You can also follow this guide to for make free email address from any provider.

Requirements for creating a New Google account

  • Active other provider email address.
  • Active phone number.
  • Access to internet.

Steps to create a new Google account without Gmail

Step 1: Visit Google accounts portal, and click on “Create account”.

Step 2: Click  “I prefer to use my current email address”.

Step 3: Fill in all other required information and click “Next”.

Step 4: Read terms and click “I Agree”.

Step 5:  Confirm and verify “Phone number”.

Step 6: Enter “recieved code” and click “continue”.

Your new Google account will be created without Gmail. You are ready to use any of the provided services as per your choice. In case you want to use the same account for email messages, simply log in via

Using the above for your email messages will be subject to availability of your the name. In cases it is already taken, you can always create a fresh “account” and enter your preferred name.

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