SOLVED! Huawei Ascend Y511-U30 Tool Dl Image Fail Error

Huawei_Ascend_y511-U30 If suddenly you encountered this error of “Tool Dl Image Fail” after attempting for format your Huawei Ascend Y511-U30, and all other MTK android mobile devices, it is very obvious that you reached this post while looking for the best working solution. And yes, this exact guide you are reading is the working solution for the above error not only for Huawei smartphones but too working for the different MTK Android OS powered mobiles.

Whether you own a Lenovo, Lava, HTC and any other mobile or tablet but for as long as your problem is this error, this guide is the solution you are looking for. I have personally used this same fix on my Huawei Ascend Y511-U30 and found it working. The same reason as to why I chose to share it right here so you can too make use of it.

Tool Dl Image Fail is a common error. It usually shows up when you either format your phone using soft or hard reset option or even using tools like NCK Dongle and others. If you just seen it, chances are that you need to use this exact solution as shown below.

How to fix Tool Dl Image Fail


You can fix this error without any need to download and install firmware. You can do it using either GSM Aladdin tool or even Miracle box since they have the options. Lets look at how to solve using either.

Fix Tool Dl Image Fail using GSM Aladdin

  • Launch GSM Aladdin tool.
  • Click MTK, then Services.
  • Check box “Fix DL mode”.
  • Click connect and then Start.
  • Power off your Mobile and then connect it to computer using USB cable.

Solve Tool Dl Image Fail using Miracle Box

  • Launch Miracle box software.
  • Click MTK, then Unlock/Fix.
  • Check box “Fix DL mode”.
  • Click connect and then Start.
  • Power off your Mobile and then connect it to computer using USB cable.

Either option you have used above, you should wait for the operation to start till it finished and shows done like you see in the image above. Restart your smartphone and see if “Tool Dl Image” error is gone.

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