These 3 Gives Me Free MTN Internet Access

Using data bundles and WiFi access, you are able to surf all of your favorite sites be YouTube, Facebook, etc. But what if I told you a way to get free internet on MTN? Do you know how much you will be saving using this trick you are soon discovering? If you didn’t know, your friends are already using the same procedure I am sharing below, and they are more than happy to enjoy unlimited internet downloads, videos, movies, mp3, etc.

If you are reading this, lucky you are. Below I have exposed some tricks which I use to get free internet data on MTN. You will use this data to enjoy unlimited browsing, chats on your favorite social media channels are LinkedIn, Instagram and etc. All you need to do on your side is to keep reading in order for you to find out how it works.

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To be honest with you, the internet is well more than you can imagine. And for those who take things seriously, are able to use the same free MTN data to make money online thereby enjoying unlimited benefits. In case you want to dig deeper into this, follow our make money online guides.

How to get free unlimited data on MTN Uganda?

There are several ways you can try out to enjoy free internet on your SIM card. Many of these ways have been existing already while others come in form of promotions. If you make use of them well, you enjoy the maximum out of them since most are legit than “hacks”. Below are the 3 best ways to “get free data on MTN Uganda”.

#1. Using HeadTun APK

HeaderTun is an application that gives you free internet on your smartphone. With the option to also work on a computer, using this apk opens your world of no-limit internet access. Follow below to make use of this HeaderTun.

  • Install “HeaderTun” on your mobile / pc and launch it.
  • Turn on “Stealth Settings” from the application.
  • Select “TCP” on the “Connection Protocol” menu.
  • Set “8080” as “Connection Port”.
  • Select “Disabled” on “Connect via Parent Proxy“.
  • Select “Enabled” on “Custom TCP/HTTP Headers“.
  • Input“” on “Host“.
  • Chose “Get” on “Request Method”
  • Select “Injection Method Normal” to “Normal“.
  • Set “Tick” on “Reverse Proxy“.

That is it. HeaderTun application is well configured to give you an unlimited free internet connection. Depending on your configuration, this trick might work or not. This guide is for informational purposes only.

#2. MTN free internet offers

From time to time, “MTN Uganda” rewards its customers in form of data offers. The data given allows one to enjoy internet access without paying a single cent. Additionally, such free internet bundles are made to last for a number of days depending on what the provider decides. All you need is to keep on the look for such messages since they aren’t hoaxes but rather, legit ones.

I have personally got a lot of these free Mbs all courtesy of MTN as thanks for being a loyal customer. These Mbs have always helped me access the internet completely for free thereby allowing me to access the world at my fingertips from my mobile. You can’t imagine, even this very article I am posting courtesy of free Mbs from the same provider.

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#3. MyPakaPaka internet bundles

Did you know that for 3,000/= shillings only, you get up to 1GB of data? This is a huge saving and an offer you won’t find on any other network. You can use the free 1GB of data to surf and visit all of your favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram and etc.

The MyPakaPaka internet bundles have a validity of 24 hours from the time of activation and are multi-phone supportive. Why not make use of these kinds of bundles – I call them free since they are simply giveaways.

The next time you think of opening yourself to the world wide web courtesy of “MTN Uganda”, try out the 3 ways above and you will tell me the experience. Also, check out more similar hacks in our Internet and TV category.

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