Ongoing Fake UBA Bank Senegal Visa ATM Card Scams

UBA VISA ATM CARD SENGAL SCAM There have been a number of people who contacted me inquiring about the Ongoing Fake UBA Bank Senegal VISA ATM card where it’s reported that scammers are going on asking people money in terms of USD eg $300 to be sent to them through Western Union in return for mailing the above mentioned client ATM cards. Yes, very many have left comments on this site while others have used the contact us page about the same.

As a response to all out there especially my readers, I am taking this opportunity to let you know that these kind of requests to me looks like scam. Yes, a number of similar posts have been published in scam and fraud alert sites on the internet all mentioning about the same, and which proves to that indeed, such is a scam. I am a UBA bank customer and have never been asked to pay a single fee for mailing my Renewed cards. All I know is I walk into the bank, I am worked on and I move way with my card just like you can see in this other how to get an Instant VISA Debit Prepaid Card post.

Sample Scam messages being circulated to many out there

Address : Dakar, Route des Almadies, Zone 12 lot D
Tel: (+221) 768417085
Fax :(+221) 33 359 60 10

For Your Kind Attention.
Be informed, I have received your information’s and i have made contacts to the D.H.L courier service office to send your ATM Visa Card and i was told that it will cost $300 dollar to send your ATM Visa Card directly to your door step there in your country.However, It is very important that you send me the $300 dollar as soon as possible to enable me pay your D.H.L delivery fee. Once you send me the D.H.L delivery fee your ATM Visa Card will be delivered to your door step there in your country in 2 days. Note, that your ATM Visa Card daily withdrawal limit is $10,000 U.S.D (Ten Thousand United States Dollars ) each day. Meanwhile, it is very important that you go to any Western Union Money Transfer Office or any Money Gram office close to you and send me the $300 dollar with my information below.

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NAME……………………………………………… LEO THADDEUS
CITY ……………………………………………….DAKAR
COUNTRY …………………………………… SENEGAL
ANSWER ……………………………………OK
AMOUNT …………………………………..$300 dollars




General manager : Mr. Leo Thaddeus
Deputy General Manager : Mrs. Grace Anthony
United Bank of Africa®

Why this looks scam?

From experience, I looked at a number of factors in this message above and confirmed that indeed, this is not real and or legit. Yes, scammers and fraudsters have their own ways in which they do things, and which is involved in the same messages as quoted above. See some highlights below…

A genuine message from the bank will never ask you to send money through Western Union. Yes, at least I know this. Additionally, you will never be asked to expose the Western Union money credentials to in an electronic form. The money is sent to a person other than the bank and which is not what happens for legal bank requests. And so forth… When you check on sites like,,, and many others, you will get to know what I am meaning. So please, don’t be tricked to fall victims. Over to you.


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  1. I met Esther Jafer, lady, on Facebook. We became friends and started communicating through emails as her account on Facebook dispeared. She was asking for help of which I was ready to lend her. She became quite at least for a month when she finally sent me an email saying she now moved to London from Senegal. claimed she instructed the UBA bank senegal to issue me a prepaid ATM visa card worth US$120,000 and gave me a link to what she called ATM Department for the processing of the ATM. I am now being asked to sent money ($245) to the claiming department manager – Dr Morris Williams for shipment of the card. But am suspicious so I have not payed yet. Could this be real??

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  2. benim içinde bir atm kard gönderdiler para gönderdim kurye için şimdide 1250 dolar istediler ama göndermedim sizce kim bunlar

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  3. Nazem Hassan Mohamed

    Some body send me email his name is Thomson Sherif he told me that I have ATM card in your bank lefted by my friend and ask me to send him 670$ for dhl .
    Is this true or just someone want to play dairty game with me
    Plz reply my email

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  4. I have a UBA Africard Visa in my hand. Some one person send to me this told to me in this preloded money in this, but with card didn’t send any Pin No. Still. They will demand money from me to send this pin no. And told to me this charges regarding for Clearance of Approval letter charges, Ministry of Finance dept. Senegal, Stamp Duties, all this type of charges will occurring by UBA bank and they And really send this pin no. of this Africard. above charges demand by UBA bank.. in back portion of this card email id is mention [email protected]. I don’t know knowledge of this so kindly request you to suggest me for future fradunt.

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  5. See the letter under that I got this 10/13/2017 today. Answer me something please, thanks.

    Adresse : Dakar, Route des Almadies, Zone 12 lot D
    Fax :(+221) 33 820 47 10


    Attention Sir,

    The information we have in our system reveals that you are the beneficiary of ATM CARD of ( $350.000.00 ) debited on your behalf by Miss Nobie under [ECO BANK DE SENEGAL]

    1]We need your full address,
    2]your Phone number
    3]copy of your id card or international passport
    4]your country of origin or
    5] post code

    We made to dispatch your parcel to your door step through DHL EXPRESS as soon as you comply

    Thanks and have a nice day

    Mark luke

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    24 Cree Church Lane /Dakar, EC3A 5JX
    Email: uba.bank_man[email protected]
    UBA Bank (SN) plc is authorized and regulated by the FSA.
    Our Swift: FIRBSN 2L
    Tel: +221704622407

    Also received the same like others… ?
    When i receive i thought who is the lady with i have slept??????? compensating me

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  7. I would say that i am the newest of their ‘clients’ and up to now, they have requested my personal details. But before i give them, i just thought maybe i should look up these people and find out who they are, and now i am typing this message..

    Thanks to everyone here for your comments on your experiences, they really help. Looks like these scammers take advantage of the fact that people need money, i mean who doesn’t dream of their bank account exploding with loads of $money$. So right now, i am thinking of just playing along and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    The ‘temptation’ is somewhat, irresistible. I will post again when we get to the part of wanting ‘money to cover charges’,. charges my foot

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    1. I felt the same way, thought maybe a thousand or more would be the last money they wanted from me, so they could send me the thousands they said I was going to get. $16,000 later! I still didn’t get a dollar from them. So I stopped responding to them and knew they were robbing me got as much money as they could get. I got screwed and robbed and can’t do anything legally because Canada has no control over anything in Africa/Senegal. I learned my lesson the hard way and am a sucker for thieves like this.

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  8. It’s Also happens with me, and they rascals looted me 300 $ now they want more for the bank , now fresh mail of today, look I copied from there
    From: Operation Manager.
    Global Retail and Commercial Banking Department.
    Date: 9/19/2017


    Attention Dear Customer,
    This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail in respect of the bank draft submitted to our co-operate office. Furthermore this morning our bank wanted to send the bank draft to you through a courier company like Dhl delivery office here in Senegal and the cost of sending this bank draft to you is $130 dollars.Therefore we advised you to send the money to us immediately to enable us ship the bank draft to your position today.

    Secondly we can as well convert the draft and transfer to your account in your country if only you will follow and obey our instructions accordingly. Furthermore before our bank will convert this bank draft into cash, As non resident of Senegal Economy, Be informed that you have to open a Dollar account with our bank here in Senegal and activate it with $50 Dollars that is the only way we can remit the Bank cheque to your account before the cheque get expired.

    Note opening of an account with us is not an alternative but a necessity, as the bank does not effect such huge funds directly to over-sea accounts. Note that our comprehensive Account package allows you to manage your account from the comfort of your home computer and perform basic internet banking transactions internationally from you home PC without going to the bank.

    To effect the transfer into your designated bank account in your country through the account you open with us here in Senegal, it is the most effective and efficient means you can receive your fund. But since you are not residing here in Senegal you are advise to follow our bank instructions respectively.

    Sir, now you have to go ahead and send the Dhl Posting fees to us immediately or open a Dollar Savings or Checking account here in our bank as soon as possible in your name with $150,US Dollars. Then for your account to be activated before the Bank draft cheque can be converted into cash you have to deposit in your account first the sum of $50,US Dollars, so you have to send the total sum of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS ONLY ($200 US Dollars) to our cooperate office immediately to enable us open the account in your name.

    Sir, be informed that your fund is in draft cheque, so we can’t take/deduct any money from it now unless after paying it in the account you open with our bank here in Senegal, so you have to open the account and activate it with the sum of $200 US Dollars or you can as well send the Dhl posting fees without this two option there is nothing we can do for you concerning this bank draft.

    We hope that you will understand that our request for the above fees is part of our security protocols to avoid Illegal moving of fund / fraudulent claims or stolen cheque. Also be informed that the Activation fees $50 (USD) is not a payment, but it will still reflect in your account when transferring the fund to your nominated account in your country.

    When your Account is fully setup, we will send to you your account USERNAME and PASSWORD codes to access your account directly from your personal computer (PC) from the secured section of our website to enable you perform online transfer of your funds to any bank of your choice in the world or in your country locality, All these and much more are the benefits of having an Online Account with United Global Online Bank.

    Kindly send to us the required FEES to enable us completely setup a Transnational Account in your name, that will help us in converting of the bank draft into cash and transfer direct to your account in your country. Note that your quick anticipation will speed up the setting up of your account, thus you are advised to proceed as required to enhance remittance of your funds.

    We advised that you send the money to our ba

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  9. Their notified me that i will received with the ammount of $25000 dollar but the email send me Sgt Suzan Brown…

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  10. Hellow every one..atleast I have learnt it from here earlier.they sent me a mail and even a staff card.the names are true but the photo on the staff card is not rhyming with the one in the google..this is a bunch of stupid people who should be held culprits..

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  11. It is not genuine.I also fell in the same trap and threw away $50 in the process.They are still asking for more but to hell with them.

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    1. I got influenced by a Reverend calling me first telling me this girl named Grace left me $186,000 usd and because I had been there years earlier and met some good guys and girls I thought it was true. I was wrong and after he forwarded me this guy at that bank(lie) I ended up sending more than $15,000 after about 5 months of sending for this ‘reason and that’. I’m a fool for falling for it and will forever regret.

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  12. never fall 4 a scam.wolves in sheep clothing just ready to devour those cash in your inocent as a dove and wise as serpent.

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  13. attention sir :I want to know you who is head of the department of UBA Atm card processing unit Dakar Senegal,kindly get the real information with the Email address, thank,

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  14. By the way the contact person email is this:[email protected]

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  15. Same f***king shit happen to me a person named Dr.Billy Moore Person in Contact is the person i have making the process to me right now, he ask me to send the payment of $330 to pay the western union delivery of my ATM VISA CARD that a person i new in Facebook named Mrs. Happiness Wilson leave for me in the BANK OF DAKAR SENEGAL for a help she receive from me in a process, the things is that i have already make the payment and now he is asking me for more to ensure my ATM VISA CARD to enable it so i can extract money from any cash machine in my country. God dame fucking fool i am. What do you guys think about that?

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  16. Ibrahimmohammed

    hi every one here this is scam iam sure no one send to there money iam happen same this is even afew days but iam not sent money

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  17. i too just a few days ago got an email that some lady nemed theresa has left some money for me..not some but thousands pf dollars..and now they are asking me to send them 450$.this is all shit.I told them to take 450$ from my money and send rest to me but they so it is scam

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  18. Many months and thousands of dollars I’ve been sending to Dakar Senegal, first to a priest, then to a UBA employee, I just got the ATM Africard and have no 4 digit code for the ATM to get the $150,000 that was left for me by a girl I met, when I was there many years ago, which I was and I did, so I fell for it. I’m waiting till Monday to get an email from her about this pass code. I just saw this website and read all the stories and I think I’ve just hit rock-bottom.

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    1. Hello Tyler,
      Are you able to tell me the Priest’s name as I have also been taken by a Reverend Paul Johnson in Dakar to send $680 for the DHL to send the card, stupedly I sent it but regret it now. His accomplice is a lady called Kate Denis, they push you to pay! The UBA ATM card I have here came with no pin, the so called bank emailed me to pay an Activation fee of $3400, wow I have not got that sort of money and will not be sending it, this card is supposed to have $400,000 on it well one wonders if it holds even $10 what a fool I was! Tyler I certainly would like to know the name of your Reverend that was in touch with you. Been well scammed!!!

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  19. I received UBA VISA card in mail yesterday from a Mr benson bridges states he needs $1,950.00 in order pin number I’m in Juneau Alaska he says he’s a card consultant a director he contacts me on hotmail and messenger.

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  20. shirley Minjihau

    From Papu New Guinea,two days ago i recieve a email its must be fraud those people

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    1. Same old thing happen too me but l ckily I didn’t send my information, Papua New Guinea pls watch out for that stupid black mother fuckers.

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  21. I have received hundreds of scam mail since 2013 till rate, which I complete some stage in getting the unseen cash but thanks to wisdom of God to give them the right answer, right now am still dealing with another one

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  22. This is international fruad innocent and greedy people hunted after regart just do hard work and make a money forget these fraud deals I m sending letter which someone send to I told her I don’t have money (see the letter)UNITED BANK OF AFRICA-SENEGAL (UBA)
    Adresse : Dakar, Route des Almadies, Zone 12 lot D
    Tél.: (+221) 76 72 51 033
    Fax :(+221) 33 820 60 1
    Date. March 21, 2017.

    Attention: Sir.Muhammad Anwar.

    Be informed, I have received your information’s and i have gone to the DHL courier service office to send your ATM Visa Card and i was told that it will cost €490 euro to send your ATM Visa Card directly to you in your country.

    However, It is very important that you send me the €490 euro as soon as possible to enable me pay your DHL delivery fee. Once you send me the DHL delivery fee your ATM Visa Card will be delivered to you in your country with 2 days. Note, that your ATM Visa Card daily withdrawal limit is $10,000 USD (Ten Thousand United States Dollars ) each day. Meanwhile, it is very important that you go to any Money Gram Transfer Office close to you and send me the $490 dollars with my information below.


    NAME: Andrew Luis.
    AMOUNT :€490 euro



    Mr.Andrew Luis
    Director Of Operations Wire Transfer

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  23. Hello.My name is Marcel Qose and want to know if they are to cheat.He has contact with a girl from Senegal to assist them in making a monetary amount to which her father had left her. I did not have the opportunity to help him and the wash after hand after a long time she writes back and says he has left in a bank in Senegal for a total of $ 250,000 and that it had received an amount of money which he had left his father testament. also he said that she has left these money in gratitude for the assistance that I have given in the past. Now she said it has opened a bank ATM card UBA Senegal in Africa. I do not know if the cheat but I am waiting for an opinion from you. wishing you all the best expect a response from you.

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    1. Hello Marsel,
      The same happened to me this girl emailed me to say her Father was brutally killed and had left 5 million pounds to her and she now wished to open a bank account for me in Dakar due to me wishing to help me through her sadness over her Father’s death! She had said that $400,000 was put into an account for me and an ATM Visa card would be sent to me once I had paid $680 for the DHL! Scammed badly!!!

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  24. Im lattest victim of this scam,i met alady online we became friends,on feb 12 she sent me email that she compeseting me with $ 300,000 US DOLLOARS,i was very happy ,she directed me to contact Global ATM alliance with same details,email address:[email protected] .officer in charge fedrick jonson,on 6/03/2017,isend $381 USDOLLARS to mr fedrick jonson,for insurane fee and shipping cost to my location in my coutry,then he demaded me to send additional $ 270 US DOLLOARS,I SENSEsomething,was not okay,isearch online and found the truth,totaly scamers,be aware comnmen are in online,they wanted finish people of africa,you conmen your days are numbered,

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  25. This is very serious scams , it seems that some people wants to get finance from others while they didn’t sweat for it, on this this month of February I received the same message as I read this one concerning the matter, you know I am from Namibia, I send them my information and after they replied me that I should send them 160 US$ for the ATM visa card similar to the information I read, my question is that is this person Mrs Mary Benjamin working in the UBA bank of Senegal Dakar or not but I never send them money I am still investigating them. Thanks to hear for the information.

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  26. I also received an email from George Emmanual name, One year before i had recieved this message with different context.
    thanks to prove it scam

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  27. My name is Dr Alam Zeb from Pakistan the UBA (united bank of Africa Senegal ) Dakar issue me ATM vasa card now the corrier company Dhl send me an email to send us $ 2020 two thausend dollars for delivery to your country.I am wary what I do.

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    1. Bhai jan ye sb fraud hai or mai b in k jaal Mai phans kr 120000 ka lose kr chuka hu kuch mah pehly. Or ab Atm card k msgs mjy kal se aa rhy hen or 220$ demand kr rhy hen delivery fees k tor pr. Ap in se bacho.

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      1. I got scammed from the so called UBA for at least $17,000 for the past year I fell for it. Over and over again the guy said “oh sorry that didn’t work, I need $5000 for insurance on the $186,000 waiting for you, but we need the money first” after I sent that much there would be something else I had to pay for. I fell for it time and time again. I feel like an idiot and am gullible for these scams.

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  28. Waaah this is happening to mW now some one is saying that they left me $300,000 and it’s with the manager bank of africa Senegal and i haven’t relied them they sent me a message that it’s from bank of africa Senegal general manager Mr Fred

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  29. Am Also Into Such Mess Now, And They Asking To Contact UBA ATM Center, And They Have Asked For My Address And Phone Number Of Which I Had Already Sent To Them. GOD! Have Mercy On Us, People Are Now Looking For Money By All Means.
    The Will No Know Peace In Their Life, Ameen

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  30. I received a card but keep wanting more money. must be scam as card not activated.

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  31. I think its s scam.with me somebody says she has left me money I must contact the bank manager to get the card ,I won’t be even brother.Don’t believe that

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  32. I think its s scam.with me somebody says she has left me money I must contact the bank manager to get the card ,I won’t be even brother.

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  33. These stupid scamers I had sent to them my names my address my bank account but I hav been requested to send to them 350$ which I have not yet been sent .And I don’t know if they can access my account and still my money.

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  34. I caught on a little too late .. I did not send any money but only copies of my photo ID cards and address . When i told them that i did a background investigation on them ,and that Agents would trace them very soon, they never contacted me again.

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  35. I was reading this artical and for the last couple months I have been getting emails from someone claiming to be with the bank of Africa and someone that I actually did know has left me $300k and they sent me a Uba Afircard that looks just like the card on the web site. They have informed me that in order to activate the card and get access to the money I need to send them $350 activation fee and within 12 hrs of they receiving the card the $300k will be put on the card and ready to use at any ATM up to $10k per day. After reading ng this article how can I verify this is fake or real. As I said I did no the person who’s name they said left me the money although only online. Can anyone tell me more. Thanks in advance

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    1. That looks scam. All they want is for you to give them money and that will be the story end. I wonder the possibility of money without who sent. Your choice

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    2. I also think its a scam ,with me somebody says she has left me money I must contact the bank manager to get the card I won’t even bother

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      1. Gosh, why would you be the one to contact the bank manager? Why can’t he or she do that and give you the card if indeed it’s legit? Good you saw it

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    3. It is most definitely a Nigerian 419 Internet upfront payment scam. Do not send them any money. The even construct fake accounts for you on the Internet making it look like there is a helluva lot of money in that bank account – all available to you.

      It is all rubbish! There is no such money available to you.

      Do not fall for it!

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    4. Hello Tom,
      This is definately a scam do not get taken in, I was but luckily have realised now with all the emails that it is a scam, they are very switched on with conning us and will play with our minds with thousands of dollars to attract us. Good luck but seriously cut them off!!!

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