Quick facts about obtaining a Uganda driving permit

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Uganda is one among those countries where driving a motor vehicle be goods or passengers, private or public, tools and driven machines, motor cycles and etc requires one to have a valid driving permit corresponding with the class of vehicle one is intending to drive. Unlike bicycles which requires no permit to ride, all motor operated machines fall in the categories which require a driving permit.

Obtaining a driving permit in Uganda requires one to under go a series of tasks and procedures including getting a provisional drivers license which is usually valid for 3 months after which once one successfully passes the drivers test, he or she is issued a full driving permit upon payment and clearing all related dues.

Both national and foreigners willing to drive on Ugandan roads are supposed to own a valid permit, issued by either Face Technologies on behalf of the ministry of works and transport, and or issued from one’s native country for as long as that country’s permit is supported for international use although the time allowed may be limited.

Foreigners with native permits issued from their home countries can do driving permit exchanges or conversions, a process which requires one to have the permit verified by Face technologies and payment of the exchange associated fees to Uganda Revenue account together with the full permit fees payable at Face technologies.

For Ugandans, one must apply for a learners driving permit, pay and collect it from Face Technologies, under the driving test, pay full permit fees into URA account and get the ready UCDP permit from Kyambogo.

Once the permit validity period has expired, a renewal is required in order for one to continue driving on the road legally. Once one has got enough experience which is required to perform an extension or adding a class, one should apply for it depending on the class he or she wants.

Obtaining a Uganda driving permit is a simple and easy process for as long as one follows the right procedures as set by the issuing body on behalf of the government of Uganda. At at levels of both the learners, full and renewal of driving permit, a UCDP medical form is required.

Quick facts about obtaining a Uganda driving permit

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