How To Replace A Lost Driving Permit (DP) In Uganda

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URA Driving Permit

Here is how to replace a driving licence in Uganda. Find out what you need, the replacement associated costs, and the time it takes to obtain the duplicate permit.

If you’ve just lost, misplaced, or had your Uganda driver’s license stolen, and wondering what next to do in order to obtain a replacement, you are reading the right guide.

Where to replace your lost driver’s license?

Replacing a lost driving permit aka a driver’s license is the work of the Uganda driver licensing system (UDLS), a MoWT project with the mandate to “produce and issue secure, world-class computerized driving licenses” in Uganda.

Once you’ve everything required, you are ready to submit your permit replacement application at any of the UDLS offices countrywide in order to process and obtain the duplicate license.

Requirements to replace lost driver’s license Uganda

  • Police report
  • Newspaper advert
  • Original National ID
  • Duplicate license payment slip

You must produce all of the above to the UDLS office in order to process your replacement driver’s license. In case of a missing National ID, you must first obtain a NIRA confirmation letter that is addressed to UDLS indicating that you have a NIN.

How to pay for a replacement driving licence in Uganda

Register payment for duplicate driving license replacement
  • Visit “
  • Click “eServices”
  • Click “Payment Registration”
  • Click “NTR” under Tax Head
  • Enter “Names, Address, and Phone Number”
  • Type “Given Text”
  • Click “Accept and Register”
  • Print “Payment Registration Slip”
  • Proceed to the “Bank” and make the payment.

As is the case when paying for motor vehicle and motorcycle duplicate number plates, renewal of driving permit, etc, drivers license replacement fees are paid to the URA collection account in any bank of choice after generating the duplicate PRN as indicated above.

Why obtain a replacement driving permit?

It so happens that people lose their DLs due to robbery, theft, misplacement, etc reasons. In order to stay driving on the Ugandan roads, obtaining a replacement driving permit is a must. This prompts one to go about the process and get a duplicate as it’s required by law.

If you are one of those who want to process a replacement driver’s license and permit, all you need is to follow instructions in this guide and find out how to do everything yourself without any third party or broker help.

Follow the instructions to process and obtain a replacement driver’s licence in Uganda.

Report to the police.

Begin by reporting the permitted loss of your driving permit at the nearest police station. Your ref will be entered. This will help you during that time when you need the police to whom it might concern.

Advertise in the newspapers

Visit any local newspaper office and place an advert for the lost driving permit. You will be charged depending on the paper you chose to advertise with. Wait for the advert to be out and remove the entire page containing your advert.

Obtain Police to whom it may concern

Now take the newspaper page containing the advert of your lost permit to the police station where you reported the loss and request for police to whom it may concern. That police letter must be signed and stamped and it should have your name and permit number.

Pay duplicate fees (121,000/=)

driving permit replacement fees

Follow the procedures as indicated above and generate the duplicate driving license payment PRN.

Download the Driving Licence Application form

A duly filled UDLS driving licence application form must be attached if you are able to download it from the UDLS website.

Attach and go to UDLS offices

Attach all the above documents and proceed to any UDLS office closer to you and submit your application for a duplicate driving permit. Your license will be issued instantly upon verifying and approving your application.

If you are time-limited and want an expert processing instant processing service, call 0752009001 and simply wait for it to be done.

Final Word

The process on how to recover a lost driver’s license in Uganda is very simple and can be done within no time. For as long as you pay the duplicate driving license fees of 121,000/= shillings, and attach everything required, you get your license instant. Check if your license is fake or original.

How To Replace A Lost Driving Permit (DP) In Uganda

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  1. Please provide an email address where I can contact you for help

  2. What happens if i lose the original but i didnt record my permit number and also have no other copy.

  3. Ilost my Dp and am out of the country and ineed it before it expires

    1. Hello Mukasa vicent and thanks for the comment. Yes, truth is you can get your URA driving permit which you lost for as long as yo follow the right procedures as outlined in the article above, and also for as long as you qualify ie if your driving permit was still in the required timeframe.

  4. Lost my driving permit and it Is even expired what are the charges? my what’s app is 0782188249 thanks

  5. Hello URA I need to renew my driving permit but it got lost, what are the charges all together after aquiring a news print?

  6. How much are current fares for renewing a permit. My Permit expired. need the rates

  7. Hi,
    I need to replace my Permit before 1st July, 2016. How fast can this be possible.

    1. Please check your email message. I have left for you some details on how your case can be handled since its unique. Call 0752009001 for some guide.

  8. Good Afternoon. I lost my driving permit and its expired however I dont remember the number and nor do i have a copy of it. Please send me the details on the process.

    1. Who do you want to send you your URA driving permit details? Oh yes, you can be able to find out your permit number but only when you are available.

  9. Hi i lost my permit and it was expiring next march , how do i go about it do i replace or wait for renewal am using duplicate currently.please help

    1. Thanks Juliet for the comment. The fact is that you will be able to replace your lost Driving permit and as well renew it at the same time. Kindly call 0752009001 and get a live direction on how you can go about it.

  10. I lost my B class permit while i was in Rwanda and I have no copy of it,help me to know what procedure to get a new permit

    1. I have sent you all in the information using your Whatsapp number. Please get back to me and see a way I can help you.

    2. Dude i also lost my DL and have no copy of it hence not knowing the Permit Number if you got any help please contect me. 0792164176 on WhatsApp Thanks.

  11. hello,i lost my permit way back in 2012…and it was expiring in September much would it cost me to replace and renew at the same time.WORST CASE I FORGOT THE PERMIT NUMBER.

  12. Pliz i lost my original permit and it was soon expiring, besides i needed to extend to another class. i need to know the cost of doing all the 3 things at ago ( Replacing, Renewing, Extending). I have classes B, CM, DL currently. Thanks

  13. hey am called magoola alex
    i lost my permit but i do not recall my permite number how can you help me

    1. You will need to visit Kyambogo Face technologies and make an inquiry.. But you might need a police reference in order to be trusted I guess. But nevertheless, go to Face and find out. You will be helped and guided.

  14. Chanel nas,
    Hello,I wish to replace my lost driving permit but I don’t know how.for now,I have the photocopy of temporary driving permit and certificate of prestige autos which shows that I completed the driving test.please help.thank u

  15. hello,I wish to replace my lost permit but I do not recall the ID it similar to the previous number 0n the expired permit.Thank you

    1. I responded to your email address about how to replace your driving permit when not knowing your permit number. Check your email and get back to me just in case.

  16. i really need your help. may i know how much u will charge me to help me with the whole procedure of replacing and renewing my permit. i need to do it as soon as possible

    1. Hello Mirember, thanks for the inquiry. Could you please check your email address. I have emailed you some details with regard to renewing your permit and replacing it, and hope to hear from you very soon.

  17. I lost my permit but it was soon expiring,can I renew and get an extension,another class at the same time. Thanks

    1. Simon, please refer to your email address for a detailed clarification and how we can help you get a duplicate, a renew and a class extension of your drivers license.

  18. I lost my driving permit “A” class, its 2months much/what is needed to replace it? thankyou

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