Umeme Paid My Initial Deposit After Switching Me To Yaka (Prepaid Metering)

Are you among those clients who are still demanding Umeme – Uganda’s electricity/power distribution company of your initial deposit of 100,000 Ugshs ever since you were lighted? Don’t worry, you still have some hope of being refunded just like it happened to me after spending almost 4 years ever since I was connected.

As a requirement, Umeme charges new connections or customers once your electricity connection application has been approved an initial deposit of 100,000 Uganda shillings after which that amount is given back to the customer after a certain non standard period of time. All I can tell about that deposit is that any new client must pay it whether he or she likes since its one of the requirements finally once your application has been accepted.

Suuna a friend of mine whom we almost got connected at one time although in different locations received his initial deposit almost within the very first year after he was lighted while on my side despite the fact that I was almost losing hope and starting to expect never to be paid, I was too paid after my premises were switched from the post paid (consume and pay later) to the prepaid (consume what you paid) metering system, the kind of news which came to me as a suprise.

It all begun when my Yaka credit was running low with a balance of only 0.52 kWP and I decided to visit a Payway agent as usual to purchase some addition. Agter handing in the money and my Yaka number, I was suprised when the agent told me how it wasn’t possible for me to make any purchase as my account had a problem – something which made me wonder what had happened since I know my self as a legitimate energy user.

Immediately, I called the Umeme toll free number and I explained to the customer care agent what had happened. And after some few minutes of holding, I was given some good news of how I had a credit and that I was supposed to visit any nearest Umeme service center and get an exchange of my credit into a Yaka Token.

Without waiting, I got a bodaboda and rushed to Nateete center where I was told to pay 1000 Ugshs and was given a Yaka token worth 84.3 Units kWP which I am enjoyinh right now.

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Its so sad that depsite Umeme having my contact number, I was never alerted about this and just imagine a situation oif I had wanted to make a Yaka purchase at night? – LOL.

Anyway, that’s my story above and if you are like how I was feeling about my initial deposit, don’t lose hope, one day you will be paid and you will be happy.

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  1. Malcom says:

    This text is worth everyone’s attention. Umeme does pay indeed. They too paid me. But Yaka fees are very high. The units go faster as well. Help on this.

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