Ezoic Freelancing Company Review! Is it Legit or a Scam?

Wondering whether Ezoic freelancing company contracts are legitimate and worth joining and spending your valuable time on, or simply scam and a waste of time, this review is a must-read if you really want to know the truth. A few days back, I was contacted on Meta (WhatsApp) by someone who wasn’t on my phonebook […]

Scam Alert: Domain Abuse Notice From

Just like celebrities will never stop amusing the public, the same goes on the scammers side and their scamming tips and ways. Back in the day when thousand emails were sent to webmasters and domain owners from, the same looks to have started happening again this time round using a new extension whilst […]

Coronavirus! How Scammers Are Targeting The Public

As always known, Scammers and fraudsters will never fail to take advantage of others cries. As the world continues to suffer the impacts of Covid-19, for them seem to have found a sure way to target people of different ages including the vulnerable ones , where many have already fallen victims. Right from “claiming” to […]

New Message From Citibank New York Scam

Scammers have never slept. Each and everyday that comes by, they find new ways to scam people. This they do by way of creating different options in which they target people and there by scamming them in the end. Currently, there is this message with subject “NEW MESSAGE FROM CITIBANK NEW YORK” and sent from […]

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