Scam: Your $14,508.22 Deposit is FROZEN! Reactivate Your Account for Withdrawal

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams

This email “Your $14,508.22 Deposit is FROZEN! Reactivate Your Account for Withdrawal” is scam. It is not a real email message from a legitimate person or people. This is another scam way to help scammers reach their goals, targets and objectives. If you recieved it, just ignore it and delete it. Don’t even click on a single link contained in this email.

Using an Antivirus, I visited the link and found out as it being a redirection. Each time you access it you will be redirected to another site. Chances are that you will get your computer or smartphone infected with a Trojan and which might lead to loss of personal information including bank accounts, login credentials and etc.

Your account is activated and your $14,508.22 funds are FROZEN.
Please click the reactivation link below to claim it from this system.
=> Reactivate Your Account for Withdrawal
Don’t wait on this!
Kind Regards,
Jessie M. – Support
Quantom Code Launch

I just received this email and first thought that it was okay. But when I thought more about it, I realized that am not on eBanking and had not initiated any withdraw from my bank. This helped me know that the message and its contents were fake and basing on the sender [email protected].

Now that you are aware, am sure you know what to do next. You can alert your friend, relatives and family so they don’t fall victims. Sharing this post on your social sites might help out.

Scam: Your $14,508.22 Deposit is FROZEN! Reactivate Your Account for Withdrawal

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