How To Track Your URA Application Status Online

Track URA TIN Number application status

This tutorial with images is about how to Track your URA Tin number application status on the portal. If you are planning to apply for one, and or having applied and wondering whatsapp with your application status, then this is a post you should not miss out as it takes you through the step by step guide on how to follow up everything so you ca instantly know how far it is.

Like we all know, a TIN Number (Tax identification number) is mandatory to all who plan to pay government taxes. Regardless of whether you simply want to validate your motor vehicle, motor cycle, engineering plant and etc, the fact is that you will need a Uganda revenue authority tax identification number.

It is it which you use to fulfill your tax obligations and anything else including making transfers, registering new cars, paying VAT, Filing income tax and returns and etc. Okay, regardless of the reason you need a TIN, and for having applied, take time and go through this post, you will know how to track your current status.

1. Visit Uganda Revenue Authority web portal.
2. Click on e-Services.
3. Look on your right and locate “Track application box”.

Track URA TIN application status

Copy and input the Reference Number eg PX0117XX148XX contained in the Acknowledgment email you received after uploading the “TIN” forms and hit enter.


Wait for the page to load and you will be able to see your “current status”. This means that you will have to wait as you see how it changes. In case its rejected, you will still see, and the same will happen when it is approved and processed.

Common URA application short codes

*RECD – Fact of Filling Completed
*DDED – Detail Data Entry Completed
*SMPL – Detail Data Entry Verification Pending
*PRCD – Data Entry Verification Completed/Bypassed Sampling.
*ASMT – Assessment Initiated
*APRV – Approval Completed
*ACKNPEND – Incomplete return Notice issued at FOF, task pending for clarification
*RJCTACKN – Return rejected by Acknowledgement Authority from pending clarification – ackn
*RJCTDDED – Return Rejected by dde authority from pending clarification – dde
*RJCTAMND – Return Rejected by approving authority from Acceptance of Amended return
*SBJTAPRV – Acceptance of amended return task subject to approval from approving authority

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