Semalt Free Video Tool Reviewed – How It Works & More

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
Semalt Free Video Tool Reviewed

Ever heard of Semalt free video tool? Do you know how it works? Do you know how you can use it to create your free promotional video depending on what your website or Blog is all about? Or you have possibly get to know about this by reading the Google referral spam how to guide about Regardless of whatever you are interested in, reading this post might be very helpful to you.

According to their website homepage, this Semalt free video tool is referred to as, “A revolutionary tool for creating free explainer video, where you simply choose a template, enter your website or blog URL and instantly create, and get the video”. And yes, I tried it out and I was able to create this fashion video you see below although with their promotional tag right from the start of it to its end – of course, every free thing has strings attached and am sure you know about this.

Thekonsulthub Fashion Video Created By Semalt free video tool

Just like you read in the paragraph above, using Semalt free video tool to create your blog or website promotional video is something simple for as long as you follow the instructions and steps or procedures as seen below. Read this review of how it works and make a choice on what you can do or not do.

1. Begin by visiting and accessing their website

Access Semalt free video tool Website

2. Browse through the different categories as seen in the above screenshot and click on create a new video where your site or blog falls. Wait for new page to load.

Enter Web URL Semalt free video tool

3. Tap on start and wait for your free website or blog promotional video to be created. You have the option to add your website or company logo in your video. All you need is to tick the box and add the URL of your logo.

Ready Video by Semalt free video tool

4. Once your video has been created, you will see a new pop up page with it. This page will have a download option, a YouTube direct upload and many others including social sharing, linking ef Facebook, Twitter, Link and etc. Click on the one you want eg Download and wait for your video to download, and to be saved on your selected file or folder.

Download Video by Semalt free video tool

Your video is ready and you can play it on your computer or even on your mobile phone. On my side, it was a .mp4 video like you see it in above and I successfully played it. The big question remains on whether the service is a legit or scam? Find my answer below

Is Semalt free video tool scam or legit?

Hmmm, sorry to say this. According to my personal understanding with regard on how I reviewed this service, I can say that this is legit other than scam. Why? The answer is very simple. Its true you can create your free video and be able to use it as you need. The only draw back is that the video contains the Semalt advert right from start to the end. Another bad is about the way this service is promoted. Lol, when you check the internet, you are likely to find many issues with regard to referral spam for example, faking referral from to this site… Anyways, that is your choice and over to you.

Semalt Free Video Tool Reviewed – How It Works & More

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