Solution/Fix For Modem Error Code 651 Win7/8

Are you tired of seeing this Modem Error Code 651 – The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error – on your Windows 7 or 8? Are you looking for a solution to fix or solve the above error so as to enjoy full use of your machine while surfing and enjoying the internet? You have reading the right article.

In below you will get access on how you can go about solving the Modem Error Code 651 when using your windows 8 or even 7 to connect to the internet through your device. I have shared so many modem-error solutions which many have found helpful. That is why right here, I am sharing about the above and what you should do to get rid of it.

Alternative Solutions for Modem Error 651

There are so many alternatives solutions which you can try out whilst fixing the above problem. You should try one at a time until you find one which works better. All of them work but it depends on what you have tried already and how it has helped. For a permanent way, the one which works better will be the option to take.

Option 1 – Try to restart your windows computer. Yes, sometimes your machines needs to be restarted for the issue to be solved.

Option 2 – Uninstall your modem drivers and reinstall it again after rebooting your computer. This will delete possible corrupt files and fresh drivers installed.

Option 3 – Disable Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). You can do this by going to connections, Properties and unchecking the above.

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Option 4 – Delete, download and re-install raspppse.sys file on your system. Works for Win7 mostly.

At least one of the above must help you out with modem error code 651. In case you still face the same problem after trying all options above, then post a comment and I will provide an addition option.

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