[Solved] Freenom.com Error code 0x08823

Freenom Free Domain Names More than a year back, I wrote an article about Freenom error code 0x08823, an error which had attracted attention of many internet users especially those who wanted to either renew or register new free dot tk, cf, ml and etc domain names. Yes, it had become impossible for many webmasters to renew their domain names since after it looked like Freenom had stopped renewing old, and or registering new domain names, a thing which raised much concern.

Today, I am writing this article to share with you some good news on how to bypass this error of “At this moment we are unable to register any domains or other services in this account. Please contact support for more information. Error code 0x08823. We thank you for using Freenom”. If you are reading this, just know that you are lucky.

I used to own many Freenom .tk, ml and etc domain names both for testing and real usage. It made me sad after I failed to renew any of them, and thus loosing all at once, something which affected my business operations and client needs. But for now, I found some trick which I used and was successful, and which is what I am sharing with you as well.

In order to bypass or solve Freenom’s 0x08823 error code, all you need is to follow the following below procedures for as long as you real need it.

1. Download a Virtual private network (VPN) of choice. If you use Opera, then you can simply use its default VPN. For Firefox users, you can install Hoxx VPN as it’s free in addition to offering you lots of servers.

2. Install, configure and activate your free VPN service on your computer or browser. You can test what your current IP address is by typing keyword “whats my ip address” in Google search and you will see the results. Once you confirm the change, then head on to number 3 below. Basing on experience, I would recommend you activate USA server or even Canada as I used one to create my 5 testing and review sites and which are still live 5 months down the road.

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3. Now Visit www.freenom.com. Forget about the old account and simply create a new one with a new email address. Fill in details from your names, address (should match a country of your network ISP server eg US), and etc.

4. Once you log in after verifying your email address, input the domain of choice and hit search. Click on register and confirm details.

Your new domain free dot tk domain name will be activated instantly and you will start using it right away. Whether you want to link it to Google’s Blogger, host it using 000webhost or any other, you will ready to go on.

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