How To Become A Clearing / Customs Agent In Uganda

How to become a clearing agent in Uganda Clearing agents and customs brokers in Uganda are needful when it comes to dealing with goods and services more especially imports between URA and the importer (Goods owner). This is because Uganda Revenue Authority deals only such agents and brokers other than the goods owners when it comes to matters related to taxes of such goods into the country.

If you are well informed, and or educated holding all the requirements to qualify you become a clearing agent, customs broker, a goods forwarder and any other related for any of the reasons you may be having eg to get a Job, to make money, to start your own business and etc in Uganda, taking time and going through this post might be helpful to you.

Yes, many people do earn a living from doing the above, and is one of the popular business done not only in Uganda but throughout the whole world. You should note that people import everyday, people do transfers everyday, and people export everyday, which means that by becoming such an agent, your chances of earning money are high since business is there.

If you were wondering how to become a clearing agent or customers broker in Uganda, all you need is to follow the simple below procedures, steps and guides as you can see below. What you real want determines the alternative choice you are to take. Go through all the above and get started.

Becoming a clearing agent on a company / firm level

1. Begin by registering a company. Read how to register a company here.
2. Fulfill requirements for a company to be considered for participation in legalized businesses for example, have a Company TIN number, open up a company bank account, register for all Taxes eg VAT and so forth in addition to having real not briefcase offices.
3. Apply to become a URA approved Firm. You may obtain more with regard at any URA branch office. You may be subjected to doing an examination, and or any other requirement as may be asked by URA.
4. Once your application has been accepted and approved, you are now a firm ready to do business on behalf of the clients.

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Becoming a customs broker on an individual level

If you are an individual and looking forward to join this booming industry, the first step is to secure all required qualifications. Once you have them, you should seek a Job in one of the approved firms and be employed as an agent who will be doing business on behalf of your firm and your company clients.

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