[Solved] Huawei Y330 / Y220 – How To Disable / Turn Off Cell Broadcast Messages / Forced Notifications

[Solved] Huawei Y330 / Y220 - How To Disable / Turn Off Cell Broadcast Messages / Forced Notifications How to turn off or disable or prevent Huawei Y33O / Y22O and other Android smartphone forced cell broadcast pop up messages and notifications is a question many ask. But, regardless of who your service provider is whether MTN, Airtel or any other provider, this post will help you find an alternative solution.

One bad things about this Cell broadcast notifications is he fact that there is no options available in the Settings options be under calls or messaging. Yet when you check the CB service provider menu using the status codes, you will find a message showing that channels can be set in messaging settings.

However, this shouldn’t worry you since I found a permanent and working solution for disabling the cell Broadcast messages and pops which solved my problem, and a reason I am sharing the same with you. In order to have this fixed, follow this working solution below.

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1. Visit [1]Google play store and search for Link2SD application. You can as well download it from any other APK downloading sites.
2. Install and running the Link2SD app and navigate to applications.

3. Browse the Cell Info Display application, select it and then go to options.
4. Disable everything you need from notification, delete the Channels settings code which is 50 and save settings. Restart your mobile phone and you will be done.

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