[Solved] WordFence Needs To Be Configured To Work Correctly With WPtouch.

WPTouch Mobile Responsive WordPress Plugin Free WPTouch is a mobile plugin which helps turn your WordPress blog responsive to the different users basing on the devices they use to access your site. On the other hand, WordFence is another security plugin which takes on the duties of protecting your WordPress site from attacks, intrusions, spam and many others.

It so happens that when you have WordFence installed on your WordPress and make an attempt to install WPTouch, you will instantly get this error message and notification of “WPtouch: WordFence needs to be configured to work correctly with WPtouch. Fixing this issue prevents cached desktop pages being served to mobile devices and vice-versa. Once fixed, this message will be dismissed automatically. Until fixed, WPtouch will not be shown to mobile visitors, and cannot be previewed” where by not until you fix it, your blog will remain unresponsive.

In this post, I am sharing with you how you can fix and solve the above error in order to turn your site the way you want it to be. WordPress is a best CMS and has so many plugins. And so, here is a permanent solution for the above error.

How to solve WordFence needs to be configured to work correctly with WPtouch? Simple step by step guide

WPtouch and WordFence Activation Error Fixing

1. Firstly, you will need to log onto WordPress and then to Performance Setup under Wordfence settings. Now scroll down to under this line of words “You can add items like URLs, cookies and browsers (user-agents) to exclude from caching”.

2. From the “If a” drop down list, Select “User-Agent contains” and and enter the following user agents – iPhone, iPod, Android, BB10, BlackBerry, webOS, IEMobile/7.0, IEMobile/9.0, IEMobile/10.0, MSIE 10.0, iPad, PlayBook, Xoom, P160U, SCH-I800, Nexus 7, Touch – in the box next to “this value then don’t cache it” one by one while clicking on “Add exclusion”. You should see something like this below when you are done.

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WPTouch WordFence Cache Exclusion

3. Again from the “If a” drop down list, Select “Cookie Name Contains” and enter “wptouch_switch_toggle” in the box next to “e.g. /my/dynamic/page/” and hit Add exclusion. And please note that you add all with no quotes.

Now look around under Cache Management and hot Clear cache. WPTouch will be activated on your site and your visitors should be able to see your mobile version of it.

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