How To Order A New Payoneer MasterCard After Expiry [Request Card Renewal]

Request A New Payoneer MasterCard Renewal This tutorials takes you through the steps on how to order a new Payoneer MasterCard if you current card has expired or is soon to expiring. I have seen many questions about the same in the different forums and question sites, and which is why I decided to blog this out so that you my readers can get to know what to do and how to do it.

Payoneer is financial service provider, and yes, they do help people from all parts of the word open up a free bank account, and get a free prepaid MasterCard debit card which can be used to withdraw all of their online earnings and payments just like one can do with his or her own local bank.

Payoneer offers these cards free and one only pays a yearly maintenance fee plus a withdraw fee every time you use any ATM to access your funds. And in this case, Payoneer MasterCard’s too have an expiry date of which upon expiry, one can no longer make any transaction using this card whether on an ATM supported machine, on a POS service or to sign up for offers or even buying anything online.

That is why you need to know how to order / request a new card to replace the expired one and below being those steps and procedures you need to follow.

1. Upon three months before the expiry date, Payoneer will send you a notification about your Card expiration date and a link will be included to access the renew card request. This mail is sent to your Payoneer account registered email. But in case you miss it, then do step 2 below.

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2. Log into your account as usual and click on the link “your card will expire on X/XXXX, input all required verification details details like your 16 digit card number, date of birth and password. Confirm if your shipping address matches your current address and any other relevant information and then hit on “reissue card”.

3. Then head to the top and navigate to the Card ending 000 and track your status. Please note that after approval, the numbers will change and your status message too will change. You will be able to see your expected free card delivery date upon which you will be required to verify it by way of entering the 16 digit card number and activating your card.

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5 Responses

  1. driss WAZZAHRA says:

    my card has been already expired unfortunately didn’t notice it , but i didn’t get also the notification from payoneer and also no link is displayed to proceed your explaination , how i can fix that issue.

  2. Emy says:

    Do i need to re open a new account to be able to activate my replacement card, bcuz i dont see Activat Button on my old account. Thank u.

  3. george says:

    If my card has already been expired ,how can I. get a new one

    • KWS Adams says:

      You should follow the same procedure and apply for a new one. It will be issued free of charge and will arrive to your mailing address as soon as possible

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