How To Register / Apply For KCCA COIN Online Via eCitie Portal

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KCCA eCitie Coin Application

This post is about how to apply or register for a Kampala capital city authority City operator identification number online through eCitie. And for you have been wondering how you can go about this by your own self as a way of making your business existence legally, then you should be reading this post since it entails all of the required information you need to know for example, how to register, where to register, what you need and how to go about the entire process including all the steps involved.

In order for an individual (person) or non-individual (business) to be able to pay KCCA taxes in Uganda, a COIN is mandatory and a pre-requirement before any fees or payments can be made. This is because all monies are intended to be paid by those who are supposed to do so and which is why the eCitie online portal exists. Regardless of whether you are an individual or non-individual but for as long as you want to register for a Kampala capital city authority COIN, follow the below procedures.

KCCA Coin application process on eCitie portal for Individuals / Non-Individuals

1. Start by visiting [1] eCitie website and navigate to Apply for COIN individual or Non-Individual.

2. Fill in all required information including About Individual / Legal entity, Business branch / Associate, Contacts, references and agent until you reach the confirmation page. Please note that you should hit the Save and Go next on every part you fill and wait for a new part to load. Also, read how to register a payment

Upon validating of your submitted information, KCCA will issue you a COIN and you will be ready to start making all required payments. The same COIN can be used to pay business licenses and transport operation requirements.

How To Register / Apply For KCCA COIN Online Via eCitie Portal

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