Tech Support Scam Alert – Fake Virus Removal

If you own a computer and use it to access the internet, its most likely that at any one time, you will become a target of those phone caller scammers in the name of offering you tech support for your computer security purposes like we all know it how important it is to have a free-virus machine.

It so happens that now days, there has been an increase in the number of those who have been victimised as a result of this ongoing scam activity just like many other tricks including fake Microsoft account alerts, fake Godaddy folder alerts, RedCross and many others.

And as one of my readers, its very important for you to stay aware of what’s happening when it comes to scams so as to stay on a safer side as that will help you not to be victimised. Below is what happens and how this tech support phone scam works.

All of a sudden, you receive a phone-call from an anonymous guy who pretends to be a Tech Support Staff from one Computer servicing company.

He or she let’s you know how your computer is sending very many error messages and which they claim to be a result of having a virus or viruses which might have infected your system.

And as part of their work to help you solve the problem, they convince you grant them access to your machine so as to allow them run some program remotely for a start.

They go on to tell you how the virus will be removed and your computer secured but for a fee which you agree on – they give you some room to bargain. And when you pay, you are scammed.

Sometimes, the conning never ends there, many do receive phone calls laterwards letting them know how the money they paid to the tech-support was used for some unlawful acts for example buying weapons in India and thus, being on the wanted list for supporting insecurity.

They are again requested to pay some money so as to be removed on the top most wanted list. And as we know how precious life is and how many would never want to spend even a single minute in jail, that is how many end up being conned and scammed.

It is very important for you to stay aware and to report any suspicious acts including calls to security authorities. You can additional report online on the different scam fighting networks and watch for example the IC3.

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