The 40+ Hot Lady TV / Radio Presenters / Hosts / Celebs In Uganda

Desire Luzinda Ugandan Hot Ladies This post is a response to the request made by many of my readers who asked me to share the list of those 40+ hot lady Television presenters, hosts and celebrities in Uganda. The above is a Bonus photo for Celeb Desire Luzinda…. And in answering your request, I have compiled for you a list not by me myself but too from what others think as being the hot, hotter, hottest and most admired lady presenters when it comes to the world of Television.

In this list of the hot 40+ lady TV presenters, hosts and celebrities, I have tried my best to add some simple information including the current work place or television channel, the program name or show name, the photo and any other details to many in addition to their names. Here is the first five on the list – 1 to 10.

Flavia Tumusiime – A News anchor on NTV.

Flavia Tumusiime NTV

Fyona Kirabo – “Muvubuka Weeyogerere” Program On Bukedde TV

Kirabo Fyona Bukedde TV

Prossy Patra – Ddembe FM “Kilavu Lavvu show”

Prosy Patra Ddembe FM Kilavulavu

Flavia Namulindwa – Bukedde TV Full Dozz

Flavia Namulindwa Bukedde Full Dozz

Sharitah Mutawe – Delta TV “Okyanjula Ne’mbagga”

Sharita Mutawe now on Delta TV from Bukedde

Sanyu Robinah Mweruka – Bukedde TV “Emikolo Ne’mbagga”

Sanyu Robinah Mweruka Bukedde TV Emikolo Nembagga Show

Sharifa Bakka – Bukedde TV “Agataliko Nfufu”

Sharifa Bakka Bukedde TV

Eseza Omuto – WBS TV”

Eseza Omuto WBS TV

Joan Lule – Bukedde TV “Taasa Amakaago”

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Joan Lule Bukedde TV Taasa Amakaago

Justine Nameere – Bukedde TV

Justine Nameere Bukedde TV

Others on the list include Doreen Komuhangi – NBS-TV, Mary Luswata – URBAN-TV, Faridah Nakazibwe – NTV, Hatima Nalugwa – NTV, Agatha Lowash – NBS-TV, Namanyanja, Priscilla – BUKEDDE-TV, Ann Taylor – BUKEDDE-TV, Fi Da Queen – BUKEDDE-TV, Rahma Ali – UBC-TV, Straka Mwezi -WBS-TV, Mummy Ann – DELTA -TV, Joy Doreen Biira, Josephine Karungi – NTV, Justine Nantume – NBS-TV, Omulongo Babirye – STAR-TV, Malaika Nyanzi – URBAN-TV, Annet Nandujja – BUKEDDE-TV, Oliva Ziwa – NBS-TV, Ann Taylor – BUKEDDE-TV, Jamila Nampeera – BUKEDDE-TV, Martha – TV-WEST, Charity – TV-WEST, Agnes Nanduttu – NTV, Maama Nalweyiso, Sheila Nduhukire, Dora Namala – BUKEDDE-TV, Becky Male, Jamira Mulindwa, Ariho, Tatoo, Mu Best – TV-WEST, Judithiana, Julian Ssimbwa and Jane Kasumba.

KWS Adams

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  1. Harriet says:

    These ladioes are cute.

  2. Bruce says:

    Lynda Ddane of UBC TV is a lady who makes my day. I really love her inside me and its sad I cant let her know. Please add her on the list asap.

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