[SOLVED] Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful

Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful This is a tutorial on how to solve the Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful error in all Android Operating System powered devices including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy, LG, Techno, iTel, Sony, Xperia and others you may be having. And yes, this article is based on a hands on experience where by the solution I am sharing is the very one I used when my A7 Android smartphone failed to connect to the internet and giving the error above.

I know it that so many people end up receiving such an error of Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful on their devices when connecting to the internet, and besides the very many tutorials and articles out there, none of them seem to be giving the exact hands on apart from the guesses. But on here, you are going to discover the most likely cause of the error and its solution to fix it.

But before we head to the answer or the solution you are looking for, it is very important to know what exactly causes the same error in the different Android OS devices, since that’s very vital when determining the possible solution just like I did myself and my device was ready to access the internet again.

Common cause of the Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful error

As far as know, the most common cause of the above problem whether in LG, Tecno, iTel, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and any other smartphones is the automated internet/wap/data settings which service providers send to your mobile devices. And, most of those auto settings contain a proxy servers or address and a proxy port where by depending on how your device is set to access the internet, the settings may contradict with your device there by giving the above error.

How to fix/solve the Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful error

When my device showed the error above, the below solution is what I used to solve the problem. And I hope that by you following the same procedures, you need will have the problem solved and easily. Below is what you need to do.

1. Go to mobile networks and select APN.
2. Tap menu and select add new APN.
3. Fill in the APN name and APN as provided by your provider.

Save settings without adding anything like the proxy port and address. Your device will be ready to access the internet again without giving the Authentication Via Proxy Server Was Unsuccessful error.

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  1. Android Noob says:

    You are an angel bro. I tried other methods but only yours works. Thanks again.

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  2. mehrdad says:

    worked finally. Thanks.

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  3. jonathan says:

    thanx mahn

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  4. Sauji says:

    I appreciate u save me

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  5. Sauji says:

    I appreciate dat

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  6. Danny says:

    Before you go thru all this BS, try pulling the battery out & rebooting cold. I had all these settings correct and it didn’t work until my wife suggested the battery.

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  7. AMUSA says:

    Thank you very much; the solution worked.

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  8. Dunaaaa says:

    Thanks Boss, sincerely appreciate.

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