The Process Of Applying For Electricity/Power In Uganda Through UMEME, The Country’s Energy Supply Company

Whether you are looking forward to install power / electricity for Residential (Home use) or Commercial (Business and Industrial use), you will need to follow the procedures which were put in place by Uganda’s power supply company Umeme.

Umeme is Uganda’s power and energy distribution Company that was formed in 2004 after the Government of the republic of Uganda Privatized then known Uganda Electricity Board.

This led to the formation of several energy related companies including the Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL) which is responsible for generating power, the Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) which is responsible for distribution the power and Umeme which is responsible for networking, supply and connection of power.

Steps and Procedures To Follow When Applying

In order for anyone to get access to power, one has to follow the procedures which were put in place by Umeme as a legitimate way to enable that in need to get the service and below are the processes or the steps.

1. The fist thing to do is making sure that the place which you want to apply power for is well set and one would have done already with things ranging from earthing to full wiring by an experienced electrician with a Umeme-Certificate of operation.

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2. The next step is approaching any nearest Umeme’s office and getting the application forms which must be enclosed by a site map, the wiring man certificate, full details of the applicant including phone contacts and addresses and as well as a general receipt totaling to an amount of $18 which is an equivalent of Ush 43000/- and this is referred to as the surveying fee.

3. And depending on where the power applicant resides, it might take an average time of between 5 days to even 2 weeks for the Umeme surveyor personal to come and inspect the place where power is to be supplied so as to determine whether everything was done the recommended way.

4. Upon successful inspection and depending on the outcomes, the applicants application can either be accepted or rejected and when rejected, one will need to go back to procedure number one while if accepted, the next step will follow.

5. After a period between 1 week to 2 weeks upon the surveys inspection, the applicant will have to go to the Umeme branch where he or she submitted his application so as to continue the process which will see him or her paying for a total of $80 (Ush 190.000) no pole charge or a total of $180 (Ush 430.000) new pole charges.

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6. Upon payment, it will take a period of between 1 week to 2 weeks for one to have power installed to his or her place.

Update: Currently Um-eme is undergoing a process of change code named Yaka, which will see all the old metering kind of postpaid meters being replaced with the new prepaid meters and so far a few areas like Mbuya, Parts of Natete and others are so far done with the migration. Check out how to pay for Yaka on Mobile Money.

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    Does the USH430,000 new pole charges cater for as many poles as you may need?

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    What are the other requirements needed apart from the surveying fee?
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