Uganda Address Format! Get Post Box No.

Uganda address format

You can get a postal address in Uganda by renting it out from any of the Posta Uganda branches throughout the country. Posta Uganda address format is known as a P.O.Box containing the allocated mailing number. The service is provided by Posta which in the past used to be known as the UPTC.

Posta Uganda is a government parastatal with branches in almost every district in Uganda including Kampala where more than one branch exists. In order to get postal Uganda address format, you have to rent it since rental duration expires and is renewed every year.

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Uganda address format samples

Uganda address format sample
  • Parliament Avenue, Kampala /P.O BOX 7178 Parliamentary Avenue, Kampala
  • Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Plot 2/12 Apollo Kaggwa Road P.O.Box 8147 Shimoni Rd 1, Kampala Uganda, etc

Requirements for renting a Postal address

  • 2 passport photos
  • Copy of valid ID
  • Rental fees

How to Rent / Get a Postal address from Posta Uganda

  • Visit any of the Posta branches
  • Request and pick up the box rental application form
  • Fill and sign the form
  • Attach your passport photos
  • Also attach a copy of your ID is requested for.

You can then submit in your duly filled form together with the Postal address rental fees at the counter where you picked the forms.

The attendant will review your details and allocate to you a P.O.Box number together with its key. You are now ready to share your postal address with everyone and start receiving your incoming mails, parcels and other shipments.

Note: When you rent the box, your rental fees will expire at the end of the year. You are then required to pay for the renewal to extent ownership of the box mail.

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How to use your P.O.Box Number as a Mailing address?

“Bazungu’s” have mailing addresses. Ugandans have postal addresses. With a mailing address, an item can be delivered to your home than a postal address where the item is delivered to your mail box.

In order to use the P.O.Box address as a mailing address, the trick is simple. Use the allocated numbers in the mailing address format and off you go. But remember, your mails and parcels or items will still be delivered to your Postal address than your home meaning that you should pick them from your branch eg Bulange Mengo, GPO, Natete, Mukono, Ntinda, Kampala road and etc.

Uganda postal code

I know you the reader and many others out there have encountered a question related to Uganda’s ZIP or Postal code. If you never knew, the answer here is simple. +256 or 256 is the country code you should add. This too doubles as the area code for the same, and also Kampala postal code.

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