URA Driving Permit Application Medical Form [UCDP]

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by KWS Adams
URA Driving Permit Application Medical Form

A doctors recommendation on your medical form is vital when it comes to applying for a Drivers license or permit in Uganda and as a requirement, all applications or new permits, renewals, learners, extensions, duplicate and others are required to fill in the medical form. The medical form is obtained at URA offices or can be downloaded just like you see below here.

The below UCDP medial form must be taken to the medical expert for the applicants thorough check.

Download the medical form from web portal and fill it before submission. Please note that without a medical stamp on the form, you will never be success at Kyambogo CDP. You can call 0752009001 for an faster and instant help.

Application for Driving Permit Medical Form

The above is how the form exactly looks like. Once you get the UCDP, take it to the doctor and have it stamped.

URA Driving Permit Application Medical Form [UCDP]

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    1. waniala Micah, what do you meany by request for driving permit? You want to apply for a new one or a renew or exchange? Thanks

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