Uganda Revenue Authority Individual TIN Application Form (DT – 1001) PDF

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Uganda Revenue Authority TIN Number Application

If you are interested in applying for a Tax identification number with Uganda Revenue authority, this is one of the forms you need. This is DT-1001 manual TIN number application form and is in PDF format. Follow instructions to download it. This form should be filled after DT 1001 online form and should be taken to URA manually for verification.

Procedures to follow when filling the Downloaded form

1. Begin by waiting for the form to load. It may take some few seconds depending on your internet connection.
2. Once the form is loaded, scroll it to ensure that it is complete using the scroll option on your right hand side.
3. You can then print it and fill it.

The DT-1001 Tin registration form has a number of fields which are supposed to be filled by the applicant. All of the fields are mandatory unless its indicated as an optional. The sample form looks like this below.

URA Manual TIN Application Form

Visit the URA web portal, download the form (it should look like this) under the forms section, print it and fill it. Its all simple and you can now wait to be approved.

Uganda Revenue Authority Individual TIN Application Form (DT – 1001) PDF

20 thoughts on “Uganda Revenue Authority Individual TIN Application Form (DT – 1001) PDF

  1. Hullo Adams,
    I registered for TIN some time back in 2013 but lost my number, how can i get it again without going through the hazardious world of URA?

    1. Is it the new TIN number format URA introduced or the old one? If its the new TIN format, try to visit URA branch and retrieve the info either using your email or phone attached to it.

      1. Yes how are you doing. I think you need to provide some more detailed information about your TIN. How do you want me to get it? Where should I get it from/ Thank you.

  2. i acquired a tin about ten years ago but now i have forgotten the number. how can i recover the old TIN?

  3. i registered on somebody’s email address but would like to have my verification codes and any necessities to my address. Will be grateful with your positive considerations.

  4. Download the URA TIN application forms guide was helpful. I managed to download the DT-1001 form and I am already applying. By the way, this guy Wampamba whom you referred to me +256752009001 helped me so much. This will be a great website, could you be involved in doing an interview about how you developed it? If so e-mail me!

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