URA Shortlisted Candidates For 2022-2023 Externally Advertised Jobs

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by KWS Adams
URA Shortlisted Candidates

Did you do the first interviews? Find the URA shortlisted candidates list for 2022-2023 externally advertised jobs. If you are among the many candidates who submitted their applications and did the aptitude tests interviews for respective batches for the various supervisory, officer, and support staff job vacancies that were advertised by the Uganda Revenue Authority between April 26 to May 15, 2021, the good news is here.

The Tax body has released the long-awaited list of shortlisted successful candidates for the URA 2021 advertised vacancies. All you are required to do as you wait for the next step is to check out the list and confirm if you are among the shortlisted candidates for the next interview. And similarly, those who were not successful have also been contacted in their respective email addresses.

Here is how to access the shortlist which is published in PDF

  • Visit ura.go.ug
  • Hover on Careers
  • Hover on External shortlist
  • Click on August 2021

List of URA External Advertised Jobs

  • Administrative Officer
  • Fleet Assistant
  • Officer Applications Support
  • Officer Automatic Exchange of information
  • Officer Hardware Installations and Maintenance
  • Officer Human Resource
  • Officer International Taxation
  • Officer Litigation
  • Office Attendant
  • Officer Financial Investigations
  • Officer ICT Security
  • Officer Internal Audit
  • Officer Software Engineering
  • Officer Business Support and System
  • Officer Contact Centre
  • Officer CSD Planning
  • Officer Data Centre
  • Officer Debt Collection- Cheques
  • Officer Prosecution
  • Officer TID Intelligence
  • Supervisor Facilities Management
  • Officer Board Affairs
  • Officer Database Management
  • Officer Deemed VAT
  • Officer Domestic Taxes
  • Officer Informer Management
  • Officer Learning and Development
  • Officer Payroll
  • Officer Petroleum
  • Officer Creative Design
  • Officer Information Systems Audit
  • Officer Revenue Reconciliation
  • Officer Service Delivery and Quality
  • Officer Stakeholder Relations
  • Plumber Technician
  • Supervisor Human Capital Development
  • Officer Fleet Management
  • Officer Network Installations and Maintenance
  • Officer Science Investigations
  • Officer Staff Compliance
  • Officer Customs
  • Officer Debt Collection- MOUs
  • Officer Records and Registries
  • Officer Science Laboratories
  • Officer ICT and Forensics
  • Officer Media Relations
  • Officer Procurement and Disposal

On the list of vacancies page, click on that particular job you applied for and check for your name. You can use shortcut keys CTRL+F and type the first letters of your name and see all matches easily using the drop-down and up navigation.

In case you were looking for a graduate trainee opportunity, follow the link. If you never received the interview results for your batch, kindly check your respective email for the message in whether you passed the apptitude interview or you didn’t. And a step next will be informed.

URA Shortlisted Candidates For 2022-2023 Externally Advertised Jobs

56 thoughts on “URA Shortlisted Candidates For 2022-2023 Externally Advertised Jobs

  1. #URAJobShorlist alert!

    Reference is made to the ongoing external recruitment to fill the various positions in URA and the online assessments that were conducted on 20th January 2022.

    The assessment results are out! Click the link for details!


  2. Hello. I am called Francis. I was invited to take online test on 5th of Jan 20212. While doing the test, Abruptly the whole program went off and it indicated, the is longer available on TestGorilla just wondering what might have happened? and also ask whether i will be able to get my result of the questions completed.

    1. Am also wondering i finished all the in time and the was sent but up to now I haven’t received my results or any update because most of friends received messages immediately while others at night.some advices pliz,am not sleeping

  3. i was to practice for my assessment today from 12:00EAT TO 17:00 EAT BUT UNFORTUNATELY ITS UNAVAILABLE WHEN I LOG IN Y

  4. URA URA URA! how many times have I called you? why do you invite other people through my email and yet you failed me?? Some tired people should quit office for freshers

  5. That is today’s Uganda! At times they just post but in actual sense……..I wonder how an IT graduate sends an invitation of a different person on my email. and they want to keep in office forever. That’s a sign of working in office for long. just advising..haha!

  6. Dear applicant name,


    We refer to your application for the above-mentioned position and the subsequent online assessment that was conducted in October, 2021.

    We would like to inform you that shortlist of candidates to move to the next step in the recruitment process has been completed and we regret to inform you that you were not successful because the pass mark was maintained at 65% which you did not meet.

    Once again we would like to thank you for expressing interest in this position and encourage you to look out for other future opportunities on our website.

    For any inquiries please contact [email protected].

    “Developing Uganda Together”

    Yours sincerely

    Sabah Ahmed


  7. Hello URA,

    This is Birungi Hasifah I was shortlisted for Officer Contact Centre and received an email about verifying of email but haven’t gotten any other replies,
    So my question is when is the aptitude test for those shortlisted for officer contact Centre.


  8. Hello Adams. Are shortlists for people who did aptitude for administrative officer out please? Where can I find them please?

  9. Hello, Iam Okech Denis i received an invitation to prepare for an assessment but up to now have not got any call for the date of the encasement

  10. Wen will the next short list for office attendants be released?.I did aptitude & recieved an email requesting me to confirm my email address & password.

  11. Am Peter ABILI ,I applied for plumbing and the sent me a message to confirm and am done,have they shortlisted plumbers?

  12. Hello, I was sent an email to confirm my application and I did.it was followed by a call asking me if I had confirmed and I told her that I confirmed…what is the next step after I have confirmed

  13. How do u confirm ur email and password ,ar we supposed to send it afresh to ura or once u receive the message it means it’s confirmed,some clarity because deadline is tomorrow, thanks

    1. You know your email address. You know the password that you use to login to your email. If yes, of course you will get an email notifying you of the next step.

  14. my name is charity perepetwa.
    Did uptitude test for administrative officers have not received any updates. Help me please

  15. Hallo my name is charity perepetwa, I did uptitude test for administrators have not yet received any emails for the following steps. Request for updates please.
    Thank you

  16. hello, i got an email informing me to prepare for the next step for officer domestic taxes yet i didnt do the aptitude test. is this possible?

      1. I have been contacted by the HR requesting to give my final details of my valid email address but they have not yet sent me an email, can I call them back

  17. Hello, the Learning and Development officer short lists at ura are not completed. They are about 35 pages but only 23 pages are displayed

  18. After aptitude assessments, what is next ?, I am green or recruitment is done for the position of administrative officers

    1. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted, and as well posted onto the Portal just like it was for the first batches. You may have to keep waiting just like many are doing.

        1. Keep waiting. Maybe very soon you will receive a follow-up email. However, all I know is that those candidates who were successful will be contacted. It is still early to judge.

  19. hey i applied for domestic taxes , ever since i was shortlisted in august , no any other update received. any information update.thanks

    1. Hello I was short listed for office attendant and did the aptitude test in October 15 but have not yet received any feedback.

    1. If you entered the right email address, you must have received that invitation message if you qualified. Also, the invitation was followed up by a call from the HR which you must have received assuming you were successful.

        1. Then that I don’t know. Try and contact the HR if they called you. But again, why didn’t you cross check the email address before submitting? Sorry for that but try the HR.

          1. Thanks for your response. And for cross checking: well, there is this thing called job hunt frustration and stress which at times causes letters to blur out on screen …

            1. That is the only answer I could give in such a situation. Since am personally not the HR, what would I say to help more besides referring to the right contact?

              1. Hello ,my name is on list but I never did the apitude test ,but I received the email calling for preparation on next step ,how true is this

                    1. Exactly. Keep checking so you don’t miss out on anything. Access to your registered email and phone number is mandatory if you are not to miss.

                1. Hallo my name is charity perepetwa, I did uptitude test for administrators I only received email for my marks have not seen any emails for the next step. Help me please

                  1. Hullo I am Arinda Ritah I did the aptitude test on 14th Oct for office attendant is the shortlist for the next step out already? Thanks

                    1. Hello Adams. Are shortlists for people who did aptitude for administrative officer out please? Where can I find them please?

                  2. Hello to be successful for the next interview process, one needs to score how much in the aptitude tests. Thanks Hussein

                    1. Since that information wasn’t disclosed to you during aptitude tests, and basing on the fact that results were displayed instant, you just have to wait.

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