How To Do A Vehicle Transfer Of Ownership In Uganda

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URA motor vehicle Did you just sell off your vehicle and wondering how to transfer it to the new owner? Or you have bought that dream car or truck and in need of changing its ownership from the seller to yourself as the new buyer? How about transferring that motor vehicle you bought long ago but lost trace or even contact of the person registered in the logbook?

Whether you want to perform an absentee motor vehicle transfer (with no trace of the current owner), and or a direct transfer when the owner is around or is in touch with you, taking time and going through this post will help you learn how to instantly do a vehicle transfer of ownership in Uganda.

As a legal requirement, one is supposed to do the transfer of ownership upon selling / buying the vehicle. This helps in easy management of anything else to do with the said vehicle using the rightful owner. In situations where both the seller and or the buyer are stranded not knowing what to do next, this guide helps you to do it by yourself and instantly.

Requirements for vehicle transfer (both direct and absentee transfer)

  • Active TIN Number
  • Signed transfer forms by both parties (court order, news advert, affidavit in case current owner is untraceable).
  • Copy of original logbook (police report and news advert if lost)
  • Proof of payment of transfer fees (duplicate logbook fees if lost).
  • Motor vehicle inspection form and payment proof for absentee transfer
  • Physical identification of new owner for absentee transfer
  • Identity card photocopies of both or new owner in case of absentee transfer
  • Police report, police ballistic report and all of above in case all number plates were lost

The Absentee motor vehicle transfer process with URA.

Uganda revenue authority has a set of rules and procedures, and which must be fulfilled in order for a motor vehicle absentee transfer to happen. By Absentee transfer, I am referring to that transfer which occurs when the person in the logbook aka registered owner is not traceable, meaning that he or she or they can’t sign for your the transfer forms.

In this case, follow the below procedures to perform a motor vehicle absentee transfer in Uganda.

  1. With original logbook available, place a newspaper advert calling for transfer of the said vehicle.
  2. With logbook lost, place a newspaper advert of lost and transfer call
  3. Do a vehicle search and certification of particulars and get a report.
  4. Report to police the loss logbook and get a police to whom
  5. Wait for 14 days after the news advert is out and go to court to process an affidavit and court order.
  6. Take your vehicle for inspection at URA offices.
  7. Make payments for inspection, transfer and or duplicate logbook in case it was reported as lost.
  8. Present yourself to Nakawa licensing office for physical identification and submit all the above documents.
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You will be told when to check on and you should so as to know what is next. If your was in the new logbook type, it will be automatically added to your TIN once application approved. And if it was the old logbook type, you will be required to validate the vehicle particulars into your TIN and print the logbook after. Refer here for more details about absentee transfer.

The Direct motor vehicle transfer process with URA.

  1. Current owner logs into his or her TIN number at URA web portal.
  2. Goes to Motor Vehicle and clicks on Application.
  3. Clicks Change of ownership
  4. Fills in all details
  5. Enters New owners TIN number
  6. Selects attachment as available eg logbook, transfer forms and identification.
  7. Registers a payment and submits form online.
  8. Printable area comes and whole form plus bank payment slips must be printed.
  9. Signs of the form as transferer and new owners signs under transferee.
  10. Pays transfer fees to the selected bank

Either party submits the application form together with all attachments as selected to URA licensing Nakawa. After two to three working days, application will be rejected or approved. Once approved, new owners can print logbook from his or her TIN or collect it from Nakawa offices.

How To Do A Vehicle Transfer Of Ownership In Uganda

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