Yeti M20 Backpack Cooler Giveaway Scam Email

There is this YETI M20 scam email message with the subject “You’ve been chosen” sent from “YETI-BackpackCooler [email protected]”. The content lets know how I have “have been chosen to participate in our Loyalty Program for FREE promising how it will take only a minute to receive this fantastic prize”

I carefully read and analyzed the yeti hopper m20 cooler email scam and its contents, followed the added links, and knew that this is not legit, but instead another message which you should completely ignore than spend your valuable time on.

The truth is, there is no such yeti m20 backpack cooler giveaway from the sender [email protected] based on what you go through in order to participate in the said giveaway scam.

Here is why the yeti hopper m20 cooler email is a scam

  • The Message is random
  • The message is sent to people including those who never took part in any YETI stuff
  • The email subject is misleading
  • The sender’s email is unverified
  • The sender’s email isn’t associated with the YETI official
  • Links contained simply redirect
  • Links lead to special pages with unending questions
  • Links are marked as “Potential risk ahead”

Clicking on the Get Started link takes you to link that auto redirects to a page with a “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”.

Kindly don’t fall victim to this yeti backpack cooler email scam. It is not a legit giveaway.

Final Word

The YETI M20 hopper soft-sided backpack cooler is a good product. Unlike these scam emails that claim, if all was legit it would be good to take advantage of in order to get such a product that fits anywhere and is ready to help you feel it.

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