Getting Cheap / Low Cost Plots Of Land (50×100, 50×50) For Sale In Maya On Masaka Road

50x50 plots of land for sale in Maya Off Masaka Road Finding a cheap but real and legit plot of land in Uganda and around Kampala seems to have turn a hard task. Yes, this is because of the level the city is growing day by day, and thus being very impossible for low income earners to be in position of acquiring places to house themselves. That is why many are resorting on the search for cheap and low cost plots of land including 50×50, 50×100, 100×100 and etc for sale other parts including Wakiso.

In this post, I am sharing with you how and where you can get access to such plots of land for sale and at the cheapest prices with Maya which is located less than 3 kilometers off main Masaka road being our target. As always, searching for and sharing helping info is my target and this time round, I took the hunt and now sharing with you my findings.

Maya is located a few miles from Nsangi, one of the Sub counties which make up Busiro county and Wakiso district. Maya is a well developed place accommodating many people with majority working in Uganda’s capital Kampala, while others in the nearest localities of Kyengera, Nateete, Nsangi, within Maya itself and etc. This place is located off Masaka main road, a few kilometers away, which makes it a location where one take on as his or her residential place.

Whether you are looking out for 50×50, 50×100, 100×100 plots of land to relocate, chances are that you will likely get access to all you need and imagine at the cheapest and low cost prices when compared with what the same amount can buy in say Kampala surroundings eg in Natate, Nakawuka, Kasenge, Kasanje, Kasenge and etc.

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In order to get started as we all know as a way of getting the right land deal with no regrets, there are certain procedures one needs to follow for example who owns the land, is there are optional to get the title or not, does the local council authorities know about the land, what amount, are you buying through a dealer or the person with the title and etc.

Knowing and understanding the above can help in ensuring that you get the right and legit property from the rightful owners. The better way to get started if you are looking for plots of land available for sale in Maya is to make a search and through the right person. Just in case you are confused or need help, feel free to contact me on 0752009001 and I will ease it for you. My access to a database of owners might help you get the right place to settle on.


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