How To Cancel URA Motor Vehicle / Logbook Caveat [Third Party Endorsement By Banks and Others..]

Motor Vehicle Caveat This guide is on how to cancel URA motor vehicle / logbook caveat aka how to cancel URA Third party endorsement by for example a Bank or any other party or parties as agreed by the owner. Whether you bough a motor vehicle or motor cycles which has a caveat in that one can’t process a transfer or etc on it without the consent of the bank or party which was involved, then this article is for you.

Third Party Endorsement and or caveats are restrictions which are imposed on a particle asset or assets eg Motor vehicles, motor cycles, registration books, land titles, buildings, logbooks, machines and etc in that the owner is not supposed to do anything beyond the limitations and which is always agreed on at the time of agreement.

And in order to remove such restrictions, certain steps and procedures as seen in this guide are a must to be followed, and or have to be followed if at all one is willing and ready to go about the Cancellation of Third Party Endorsement or caveats. This guide is covers how to cancel URA motor vehicle / logbook caveat / restrictions.

Requirements for Cancellation of Third Party Endorsement / Caveat

– Third party caveat waiving / removal / cancellation proof
– Stamp duty certificate and payment slip
– Cancellation payment
– Copy of Document to remove caveat

Steps to remove / cancel vehicle caveat / third party endorsement

1. Visit the Third Party you who has endorsed the caveat in your motor vehicle logbook eg a Bank in case you used your logbook to borrow money eg from Centenary bank, DFCU bank, Stambic bank, Bank of Baroda, Equity bank and etc.

2. Clear everything as agreed on the initial agreement. As for the motor vehicle logbook caveat or third party endorsement waiving or cancellation or removal letters.

3. Visit URA Kampala Road service center which is located inside Diamond Trust Bank Uganda branch on Kampala road just after Entebbe road intersection. Go to any URA table and get assessment for Stamp duty.

4. Still in the same room, go to the Bank payment counters, follow the line and pay the required amounts as payment for stamp duty issues.

5. Proceed to URA counter and ask for the Stamp duty certificate, which should be attached on the Original document for Caveat cancellation eg the letter which the bank gave you.

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6. Attach both the copy of the car logbook, the original waiving document, and receipts. Proceed to URA Nakawa licensing section and hand in the above documents. You should wait until you are issued with the cancellation assessment which you should take the bank and make a payment.

7. Go to the bank and make the assessment payment and return to URA licensing office and submit all the attachment and documents as mentioned above.

You will be told how long it will take for the third party endorsement to be waived or removed and you will be able to process whatever you want eg a vehicle transfer. Just in case you are stranded, don’t hesitate to call 0752009001 and get a processional express service.

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