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This is my personal review of ChatRecruit 2024. If you are wondering whether chat recruit is legit or a scam, this article will help you to find out.

When you attempt to search for the best sites to make money online, one of the top sites that will show up in the search results is This is because of their popularity and user ratings on review sites like Trustpilot, Reddit, Opiniones, Glassdoor, etc, in the online earning industry aka paid-to-chat.

As a result of the volume of questions many of my readers sent in, I chose to write this review so as to share how it works, its requirements, and others based on my own findings. I am hopeful by the time you go through it all, you will be in a position to make a conclusion on whether you should join or not.

What is chat recruit?

ChatRecruit is “UK‘s number one chat service for women and models working as chat operators and live webcam hosts worldwide. If you are good at chatting via phone and or enjoy live webcam hosts, this site may be worth you to join especially if you are looking to become a boss of your own and take control of everything, be your own boss and work from home at your own convenience.

Similarly to alternatives such as Flirtbucks, ChatRecruit pays its members (hostesses) for the time they spend on the site while involving themselves in what they are supposed to do for example having fun while chatting with men from different locations, spending time, and best of all being the fact that you have total control of what you say during your chat session.

Who can join Chatrecruit?

You can join by registering. Once you create your account and your application is approved, you can log in safely, start working, and wait for your salary. The site can be joined not only by people in the United States but also those from other countries including Australia, Philippines, Morocco, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Kenya, Germany, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Spain, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Austria, South Korea, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, France, Guyana, Jamaica, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Malta, Norway, Taiwan, Finland, Guam, Serbia, Italy, Mexico, Russia and etc.

What kind of work you will be doing

Once you join, you will be involved in doing kind of work which includes but is not limited to Webcam chat, Phone chat, text Messaging, and TV shows. So far, more than £20,000,000 has been paid to members.

Are There Any Upfront Fees For Joining?

The fact is no, there are no single fees required from one who is willing to join the site. What happens is that once you join and get paid, the site will take a small percentage of your earnings that’s all.

How do you get paid?

Payments for members are sent via direct bank transfer. And for International members, an international bank transfer is made directly into one’s bank account and it should be in your name, unlike eharmony for seniors where you upgrade.

Is Site Legit Or Scam?

This is where you need to try it out if you are interested. Personally, I see the Chatrecruit site as being a legit one although my end results may be different from what others find out. And just like it works on other sites, a personal trial may help in finding the exact. You are the judge and cant easily find out the fact based on your findings other than based on what I found out like me.

Winding up

If you have been wondering how to make money on chat recruit, this review will act as a guide. Similarly, you can also search for their biosamples so that you can create a nice biography about yourself once you join. Also, downloading and installing the chat recruit app might help you do your tasks like texting on the go.

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