Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G MTK Using ODIN

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G MTK In this post, you will discover how to easily root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G MTK device. And like you may know the features a well rooted device creates be this very Samsung or other Android phones, I am very sure that reading this will help you go about it, in addition to enjoying the benefits. As a requirement, you should only perform this operation when your mobile phone battery is at least 50% plus.

In below are the different steps and procedures you need to follow in order to successfully root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G MTK Android smartphone. But please note, this is simply a tutorial, and is in no way a replacement of a professional advise. Please refer to our disclaimer page for more about the same. Below are the steps to easily root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G MTK device.

1. Begin by downloading the free Samsung USB drivers. Extract the pack, run and install them on your computer. These drivers are required for your computer to detect your smartphone. Mediafire website is one known place to find such drivers.

2. Now download ODIN zip file, and extract it to your computer as well. You can simply search for ODIN and you will get thousands of places to download it free.

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3. Now power off your smartphone, and restart it in Download mode. You will need to press vol+ and power button pressed at the same time until a warning message with a Triangle appears.

4. Now press Vol+ to continue, and then connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SC-04G MTK device on your computer. From the ODIN zip extracted files, click on ODIN, and wait to see the Added word under the message box.

5. Click on PDA under files download, select CF-Auto Root and hit Start to start rooting process. In the message box, you should see the process as it happens. Now wait until you see the PASS notification, a sign that you have successfully rooted your device. To confir, restart your device and under apps, you will see SuperSU.

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