How To Edit Whatsapp Messages After Sending

Edit Sent Whatsapp messages

You can edit your Whatsapp messages after sending them by following the instructions shared in the article below.

Whatsapp, being one of the most used social networking applications for Android, iOS, and Windows users, there has been an urgent need to edit sent messages than to simply delete them and start all over; thanks to the new Whatsapp text message editing feature which has been rolled out, besides being entirely free and available for all users.

Whether you are using an Android, iOS smartphone, or Windows device including Samsung, Nokia, Tecno, iTel, Dell, etc device, the Whatsapp sent message editing feature allows you to take full control of your messages without the need to delete and rewrite the entire message.

By tapping the Edit option located after the 3 dotted lines, you are ready to make corrections in your sent text messages including spellings, icons, etc instantly and right there.

If you’ve been wondering how to edit your Whatsapp messages after sending them, follow the simple instructions below.

Instructions to Edit Whatsapp sent text messages

Edit WhatsApp sent message
  • Long press on the Whatsapp sent message you want to edit
  • Tap on the 3 dotted lines in the top corner
  • Tap on “Edit”
  • Edit and make corrections to your message
  • Tap the Tick icon

Your sent message will instantly be edited and the recipient will see the edited version with no errors or things you didn’t want them to see.

Please note that edited messages will be marked with the word “Edited” including the time the sender edited the message.

If you don’t see the editing option on your Whatsapp messages yet, don’t worry, the feature is still rolling out worldwide and very soon you will be able to make use of the feature once you are covered. You can find more about this on the official Whatsapp message editing page.

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