5 Free UK Phone Number Generators

Free UK Phone Number Generators

Here is the list of the top 5 free UK phone number generators online where you can get a fake British mobile, or landline number that will not only protect your personal details from misuse but also prevent you from receiving those unsolicited advertising sms text messages and calls.

Gone are those days when you had to use your real cell phone number in order to sign up on the internet. Using any of these free UK phone numbers generator services will allow you to instantly get that fake number you can use without sharing your real one.

But wait, did you know that you can as well get a real free UK phone number that can be forwarded to your local mobile or landline number? If you didn’t know, check out how to instantly get that landline at no cost. In case you were looking for a UK number for verification purposes, check out this post.

How to get a free UK Landline Number that forwards

free UK Landline Number that forwards
  • Visit “Numberpeople.co.uk
  • Click “Get started”
  • Select “Area code” of choice
  • Click on the “Free Number”
  • Select “Forwarding option”
  • Enter phone number
  • Complete setup

5 Free UK Phone Number Generators

  • Coolgenerator.com
  • Fakenumber.org
  • Neilzone.co.uk
  • Webcilo.com


Coolgenerator.com provides free random fake phone numbers for the UK and other countries including Uganda, USA, Canada, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Spain, Yemen, Zimbabwe, etc. All you need is to visit their website, select the country and click generate.


Fakenumber.org gives you a fake UK mobile or landline phone number that you can use to hide your true number from commercial ads and unwanted SMS texts. You will find a handful of international format phone numbers ready to be used with no limits.


Neilzone.co.uk allows you to generate a random UK phone number from the city of choice. Start by visiting their website (has the option to allow you to embed the code into your website), select the city, and generate a random fake number.


Webcilo.com makes it quicker, and easy to generate a random UK phone number for your own reasons. Visit the link, select country, choose a mobile prefix, set NSN and click generate.

Final Thoughts

Getting access to a fake UK phone number comes with many benefits associated. You avoid misuse of your real number from unsolicited SMS, adverts, and calls. You take advantage of 100% free phone numbers that are valid. Anytime you want to get such a number for your own reasons, make use of the above since they are free for you.

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