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Posta Uganda EMS Courier Service

EMS Courier service is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to send and receive mail, parcels, items and products anywhere in Uganda, and outside the country. Offered by Posta Uganda, EMS Courier service offers more than speed when it comes to delivering mail within Uganda and international, with their contact address available across all Posta Uganda offices country wide.

Whether you want to send a registered mail with Tracking and Tracing numbers, you are able to get this service through EMS Courier at all Posta Uganda offices, with the difference from the regular or normal mail deliveries by Speed. For example, a Posta Uganda EMS Courier registered mail takes anywhere between 1 to 10 days to have a parcel or mail delivered to a US mailing address from Kampala.

Besides the speed at which EMS Courier services offers when it comes to delivering, their rates and charges are different for example, you may be charged less than UGX 10,000 through Posta Uganda regular mail and up to UGX 100,000 through EMS Courier service to deliver a same measurement mail or parcel to any US mailing address, but with the number of days to deliver being different just like the prices differ.

With the Posta Uganda registered mail tracking option, you are guaranteed of following up your send item or parcel in time including tracing the current location until it is delivered to the destination. This is one reason why those who are capable use EMS so that they are able to keep track of whatever they have in transit, unlike the cheap mail which don’t have the feature.

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Like I mentioned above, EMS Courier service is located at all Posta Uganda branch offices and with a separate customer care if not mistaken. For example, in order to know their charges and rates, one need to visit their exact point other than the GPO offices, something which makes it look like a separate service entity.

If you want to send a registered mail with track and trace option in Uganda or to any international address, EMS Courier service is one of the available speedy providers in addition to others like DHL, Fedex, Yellowpages and etc. I also see PostBus, which I am sure is used to quick deliver as they move all week with bookings done at offices, during working time and hours.

EMS offices and addresses are at any Posta Uganda office, with contact telephone phone numbers being +256 414 255 511, and website being www.ugapost.co.ug/node/21. The next time you want to use a much faster service, you can compare up and see if this will work for you..

About EMS Courier Service Posta Uganda Registered Mail

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  1. What is the cost of sending a document of 17 A4 photocopying paper sheets (84.5gms) to England UK? I want an immediate answer now.

  2. I need something called GOLD TALISMAN,It cost 22dollars if there is a possibility of getting it through you then let me know and i send you my address. check the website.

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