Future Technologies That Will Make Life Easier For People


Artificial intelligence, neural interface, and other fantastic technologies have just begun to appear and enter the masses, but in the near future, these technologies will become familiar to humans. About what we can expect from the world of technology, we will tell in this article.

Smart glasses

Google Glass is a smart glasses from the search giant. They became available in mid-2014. The only reason why this technology has not yet become popular is the price. If you want to buy smart glasses from Google, you will have to spend $1,500. Large companies such as Microsoft and Sony are working on creating this gadget. This means that in the near future you will be able to watch videos with cats during your morning run.

Smart data

Automation is one of the main tasks that modern technologies solve. While most processes are automated these days, there are some that we have to do manually. For example, add information to the contact list on the phone. You probably won’t have to do it yourself soon.

RelateIQ is already working on a technology that will create a contact based on information about your current contact list, mailbox, and messages. In the end, all you need to do is give the name of the person. All information will appear on your phone.

Wearable electronics

Smart glasses and watches are devices that connect us to the outside world. But there are also technologies that connect us with our bodies. They are developed by large scientific institutions, corporations, and small companies. We are talking about headphones that measure heart rate, lenses that monitor blood sugar levels, and tattoos with NFC technology.

As soon as developers can make such gadgets available, the market will be filled with various implants that will read the important information in real-time and display it on the same smart glasses.

Smart House

This technology has already become a reality. Refrigerators let you know which foods are running low, and you can control your oven with your smartphone.

In the future, the oven will learn not only to reheat food while you drive home but also to talk to you and answer questions. And the refrigerator itself will be able to order the necessary products. During this time, you can focus on more important things.

Virtual reality

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR are new gaming experiences. Of course, science fiction writers have been flirting with the topic of virtual reality for a long time, but who thought about it seriously?

Game publishers and developers are spending multi-million dollar budgets to bring us new VR experiences. VR devices have room to grow: they are bulky and wired, but a start has been made. Soon we will be able to go anywhere in the world without leaving home.

Holographic images

Remember the holographic interfaces in Star Wars and Minority Report? Now, this technology no longer seems like something fantastic.

The scope of holographic projections is limited not only to games and media. Imagine contact lenses that project an image onto the retina of the eye. People with vision problems will be able to see better without surgery.


The similarity of a neural interface has existed for a long time and has been successfully used in medicine. Quadriplegics – people with complete paralysis of the body – talk using a neural interface using a computer.

Of course, the technology is far from perfect. However, with the development of neurotechnologies, a paralyzed person will be able to return to society and live a full life.

Digital distribution

The world is rapidly changing. Some 15 years ago, we could not have imagined that we would no longer have to store stacks of music, movies, and games at home. Steam and online cinemas have replaced our trip to the store. Instead of a new album from your favorite band, it’s easier to buy a subscription to a music service at the same price and get access to the entire discography.

Of course, digital distribution has not reached its peak, and many continue to use physical media, but there are fewer and fewer of these people.


Robotics has come a long way in the last 10 years. Of course, more than a dozen years will pass before the appearance of terminators, but machines capable of shouldering heavy and monotonous work on their titanium shoulders will appear in the near future. For example, thanks to Boston Dynamics. They say that robots can even earn money for you – for example, a robot can place bets at a bookmaker. However, these are only fantasies about the future – but for now, you can place bets on your own and get casino bonus.

In 15-20 years the world will no longer be like the one we live in now. Therefore, in an era of rapid technological development, it is important to enjoy every day, because the way it was yesterday will never be the same like it is when searching for people addresses.

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