How to Make Money Online: 13 Ways to Earn Money Online

If you spend a lot of time at home or you are looking for a job, there are concrete opportunities to make money online. The network offers dozens of possibilities, some very valid, others less so, but often we don’t even know of their existence.

In this guide, we want to show you the most serious solutions to monetize on the internet, round up your salary or try to make some money.

Ways to earn money online

  • Difficulty: it depends on the job, but with a little commitment, it is within everyone’s reach;
  • Requirements: digital skills and training, vertical skills that can be acquired with training courses;
  • Earnings: some jobs have a fixed salary, others are very well scalable;
  • Time required: a few weeks of training and a few months to start.

If you are unemployed, studying, or being a full-time mother, you have the opportunity to work from home and earn money online. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the right mix of talent and determination you need to have for success. The web offers dozens of possibilities: some of them can be found below, but you can always come up with a job and create your own.


Earning online by writing has allowed many professions to transform and re-establish themselves in the panorama of modern jobs. One of them is the copywriter, the advertising writer. Today, those who carry out this profession do it not only to launch a commercial or an advertisement in the newspaper but also to create well-written and persuasive web content.

Companies constantly need texts that know how to convey values, attract new customers, and leave a mark. That’s why if you have the passion and skills to write, you can offer yourself as a copywriter and earn money by writing various types of texts, even remotely as a freelance.

SEO Consultant

SEO means optimization for search engines, and by extension, it indicates that a professional figure who knows how to improve the visibility of a site and brings more customers and maybe more earnings.

Being reached by potential customers on search engines like Google or Bing has become the priority of many companies that sell products or services online. For this, companies pay SEO consultants to make people find their website. To become an expert SEO, you need a mix of skills, but you can acquire them and do this job even from home as a freelancer.

Social media manager

People and customers don’t just surf the net on search engines (quite the contrary). They also surf social networks: the most famous platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) can offer good opportunities to make money online.

The professional figure who monetizes this way is the social media manager. If the SEO is the search engine expert, the social media manager knows the platforms like the back of his hand. Knowing how to create and manage high-value content for company pages and profiles will be a must skill for being a social media manager.

If you have a passion for social media and would like to work on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, then you might want to try becoming a social media manager.


The programmer ( web developer ) is one of the highest-paid jobs online. The vast majority of companies today cannot do without a developer, making them highly sought-after and well-paid figures.

Becoming a programmer and making money online isn’t for everyone, but you can take specific programming online courses. Specialize one two or three languages (PHP, SQL, C ++, Java, Python) and offer your service by making you pay handsomely on the platforms for freelancers.

Web designer

Earning online as a graphic designer is another concrete and highly sought-after possibility. Among the various specializations, the web designer takes care of the layout of a website to make it more attractive, beautiful, and usable. The keywords are harmony and user-experience (UX): the user who browses the pages of a site (from any device) will have to do it easily and without encountering hitches.

Email marketing expert

We receive dozens of emails a day. Some we throw away without even reading them, others we close quickly, but some are different: they hold us back, inviting us to deepen the subject. There is no doubt: that there is a fine work of email marketing.

The professional figure of the email marketing specialist is a type of copywriter expert in creating email messages. This marketing tool is still very effective for communicating with one’s target customers. Integrate your email marketing strategy into your online project (e-commerce, blog, business site, etc.) to generate more leads and convert visitors into leads.


If you know two or more languages, then the web world offers you the opportunity to earn money online by doing translations. Here and there, you will find many jobs offered from home as a translator of texts in any language (English but not only).

You can propose yourself for the translation of entire books, articles, and product descriptions for e-commerce in multilingual. Or, why not offer yourself as a translator for online video subtitles (movies, videos, clips).


A blogger is a figure who creates interesting content for a niche of people (fashion, technology, finance, cooking, sports, etc.) and knows how to monetize it. Once the blog has been created, for example, it is possible to sell advertising space to companies and sell personal or affiliate product services.

Affiliate Marketing expert

Affiliate programs recognize a percentage of bloggers who lead a customer to buy a product or service through their online promotion work. If you want to make money online with a watch blog, you can do it in two ways:

  • selling advertising
  • creating a network of affiliations with e-commerce of watches.

Every time a visitor finds a nice watch on your site and clicks to go and buy it on e-commerce, you will receive a purchase commission for your promotional work.

Graphic designer

Unleash your imagination by creating professional logos or covers online. If you have the skills (and the talent) you need, the network is teeming with requests for graphic designers. You may need to buy some professional tools (like a good computer or the Adobe Suite package), but this is an investment you can pay back in no time. Show off your creativity and make money from home with your PC.

Influencer on Instagram

Many professionals work and earn with Instagram. Social media offers several opportunities to make money: manage company pages (as a social manager does), create videos for advertising campaigns, or become an influencer and promote products to your followers (a certain audience is required).

Promoting your homemade work, business or restaurant is a good way to make money on Instagram. You can allow members to purchase, book a table or discover your business more closely.


YouTube is another popular entertainment platform where publishers with a large circle of followers can make money with their videos. The YouTube monetization program allows channels that meet the requirements to insert advertising banners within their videos but also to take action to request donations or sponsor an affiliate product.

Many children, even minors, have already made money online on YouTube (the so-called YouTubers). It’s not easy to get big bucks, but if you have some talent, why not give it a try?

Influencer on TikTok

TikTok is the new frontier of entertainment. The Chinese social platform recently surpassed 1 billion monthly visits (Instagram makes 1.4), and growth margins continue to be robust. On TikTok, many young and very young people try to get noticed with dance shots or short videos to increase followers and enter the circle of profiles that can monetize. Hence, TikTok is a chance to make money on the web for all intents and purposes

In a word

No method is 100% guaranteed (there are no methods to earn quick and easy money on the internet), but if you have the skills, the gains will come. You will need a good dose of commitment, passion, creativity and some ideas to start from scratch. Following the guide, that’s how you can seriously earn online, even without investing.

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