How To Get A NIRA Birth Certificate In Uganda

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NIRA Birth Certificate

Here is how to process and get the NIRA birth certificate in Uganda for yourself, your kids, etc. Whether you want to obtain a long or short birth confirmation document, you shouldn’t worry. This post will help you through A-Z step-by-step procedures involved including what documents you need, the associated fees, and where to submit.

The NIRA birth certificate is the Uganda official document that shows a person’s birth records including the place and date of birth, the parents, the names, the district of birth, etc as required by the law. In Uganda, NIRA – National Identification and Registration Authority is the government agency that is mandated to issue such documents to citizens whether national or foreign for as long as one was born in Uganda.

NIRA Birth certificate fees

Applicant Fees
1NationalsCertificate of Birth-Nationals UGX 5,000 Change of Name of an Adult UGX 150,000 Change of Name of a Child UGX 20,000 Certified Copy of an Entry in the Register UGX 1,000 Search in the Register UGX 1,000
2ForeignersChange of Name of an Adult Change of Name of a Child Certificate of Birth-Foreigners USD 40 Late Registration of Birth USD 20 Certified Copy of an Entry in the Register Search in the Register
Source: Nira

Required documents for Birth Certificate Registration

  • Duly filled and signed NIRA Form 3 PDF
  • Copies of Parents’ National IDs
  • Short Birth notification record that is obtained from the Hospital, or from the Subcounty where the birth occurred.

How to Get a Birth Certificate from NIRA

  • Visit URA website to register a payment
  • Pay the associated fees to the bank of your choice
  • Attach all documents and submit them at any of the NIRA offices countrywide for example, at Kololo, Kawempe Division, Rubaga, etc
  • Your birth certificate will be issued and ready for pick up at the communicated time.

A short birth certificate is issued at the health facility where the birth occurred. For example, if you gave birth at Nsambya Hospital, Mulago Hospital, etc, simply visit the facility and they will issue you with a short birth notification.

Alternatively, if the birth occurred at home or in health facilities that are not well recognized, you can obtain your short birth notification from the sub-county offices where the place falls.

Once you submit your documents, you will be given a tracking number that you can use to check the status of your document on the NIRA website.

Birth registration is compulsory and registration of all live births should take place within three months of the event. However, the same law also allows for late registration. Just in case you are stranded, call or WhatsApp 0752009001 for help.

You can also visit NIRA Headquarters at National Independence Grounds, Kololo Airstrip, send them a post mail to P.O.Box 26529, Kampala-Uganda, call free on 0800 211700 or even share Whatsapp number +256 312119600

How To Get A NIRA Birth Certificate In Uganda

40 thoughts on “How To Get A NIRA Birth Certificate In Uganda

  1. Respected Sir/ Madam,
    It is submitted:-
    1) That I was born on 19th March 1958 in C.M.S. Mengo Hospital
    Kampala(Uganda) on 19th March, 1958 to Smt. Sarjit Kaur wife of Sh. Ronak
    Singh who were living at
    2. That I am in need of my Birth Certificate for my Personal necessity in
    3. That I am enclosing herewith copy of Passport No. 40302 dated 3rd August,
    1956 in the name of my mother Smt. Sarjit Kaur wife of Sh. Ronak Singh
    Furniture Maker r/o Kampala (Uganda). In that passport my name has been
    mentioned/endorsed at page no. 11 on 10th December,1960 and my Date of Birth
    has been recorded as 19th March, 1958 in that entry.
    4. That I am ready to pay its fee, if any.
    5. Passport Copies are in attachment of my previous email.
    It is, therefore, prayed that a certified copy of my birth certificate
    may kindly be issued and sent to me at my following address and oblige.

  2. What is i registered for the National ID but i have not received it yet and i need a long Birth Certificate now. what do i do? and how long does a national ID take to be issued?

    1. Hello Namara and thanks for the comment. Please follow the procedures as mentioned above and you will be able to get the death certificate.

  3. Hello
    I have a photocopy of my partners birth certificate that I need a original copy of .
    Looking on the Ugandan Revenue Authority website I can see which bank I would use from here and how much the fees are but I do not have the Payment Registration Forms. Is there somewhere online I can get these.
    Appreciate any help

    1. Hello LM and thanks for the comment. Firstly, you generate the payment PRN on the URA portal. Just follow the procedures. It is all simple.

    2. Do I leave the Reference Number blank as I do not have one?
      Do I fill in the Taxpayers Details or leave it blank as I am a foreigner?
      Also what is the bank name I choose to send NIRA the money ?

      1. Hello LM and thanks for the response. For your point, you only fill what is mandatory, and what you have for example, you may omit the Ref number since you get that on submitting. The Tax payer details you are supposed to fill since you are paying, and if not mistaken, those should be the names of the birth certificate applicant. For the bank, any bank you chose is okay since all banks listed in the drop down list are used by URA when it comes to Tax collection. Hope this helps. In case you have additional queroes, feel free to call me on +256752009001 and I will be glad to assist you.

  4. Am confused,please sir advise me how and where to start processing nira birth certificate because I a gently need it but don’t know where t start.thanks

    1. Follow the procedures as you read them above. Just in case you want additional help on how to get started, call me on 0752009001 and kindly request an assistance

    2. I havethe honour to state that mysarjit kaur w/o ronuk singh was holder of uganda protectorate passport no 40302 issued on 3_8_1956 by uganda protectorate kampala my name is Amarjit singh date of birth as 19-03-1958 was also recorded with my name.

  5. Hello! Am Sharifa in uganda and am asking how much must i pay for processing a birthcertificate, i was born in mulago 1992 i only have a immunisation card. But how long does it take to get it?

  6. I was born in 1960 Kampala, Uganda and need to obtain a certified copy of my original birth certificate. What is the process of obtaining it and which organisation will give the certification? What are fees and amount of time to get it to me in UK?

    1. The official government agency does the issue. Please feel free to contact me by calling +256752009001 and I see a way to help you. You can also use the contact is page and text me.

  7. Hi

    I am a uganda citizen by birth but now live in Australia. I need to obtain my birth certificate for my marriage ceremony. Are you able to help pls?

    1. Sure, I will be glad to help you secure your Uganda birth certificate no matter where you are for as long as you qualify, in addition to having all required details. Please get in touch on +256752009001 by call or whatsapp.

  8. Hi,

    My mother in law was born in Uganda (kompala) in 1956. Her birth certificate states her as male. How do I get this amended so it says female?

    1. A male instead of a female? That is indeed an error. The best way is to call me and see a way to help you out. Whatsapp me on +256752009001. I will be glad to help

  9. Hello, I would really like your urgent help. My husband was born in Gulu, Uganda in 1978. Now lives in the UK and wishes to obtain his full birth certificate. How can we go about getting this please?

  10. Hulo Am currently in Dubai and I have 2 boys.None of them was born from arecognized hospital because my situation back then was a tag of war.I gave birth from small clinics and i wasnt given the short birth cards.How can i obtain them because i need to start on the processing of their long birth certificates.Am patiently waiting to hear from you.
    Thank you.

  11. Hello Mr Adams, i require some help of yours. It could be akward but it seems that my father (a french man of 63 years old) seems to pretend to have 2 gemel babies living in kampala or jinja, born the 31 of january 2012. How can i proceed to obtain some informations as he got no proof or contact in uganda? i’m really sorry to disturb but i’ve searching how to help my family here in France.

  12. Pls i was in mawanda uganda in the year 1997 and in 2000 we move down to nigeria and am about to travel to usa and i need my birth certificate pls i need it contact me by,+2348065172503 thank u

  13. Hoping you don’t take long to process like its a norm in other ministries/depts and called… Uganda style but thanks

  14. I was born in Uganda in 1958 and require a copy of my birth certificate. Shortly after my birth my parents moved to South Africa. Are you able to guide me on how to obtain a birth certificate?

    1. You will be able to help you for as long as you are ready to follow the procedures. Please call this +256 752 009001 and see a way to be helped. You can as well whatsapp that same number.

  15. Hi there,
    My kids were born in Uganda and I already have the long birth certificates for my two daughters but i laminated them. However, am dealing with some matters of which my kids birth certificate had to be submitted unfortunately they donot accept laminated documents. I live in the UK just wondering how I can get the replacements birth certificates

  16. Good evening. Greetings from manchester. I have a querry on how to obtain my son’s legal birth certificate.I hv been tossed up and down. My son was born from Nsambya hospital in 2006. I don’t see a reason why he should be given his legal birthcertificate . I’m not with his father any more I have no where abouts of him. We separated after I had my son because he was controlling and violent towards me and the newly born son that time. We even reached to the police and local chairman in the place I used to live in . Now I’m being told that because I’m not around it will be hard to get this legal birth certificate. I really need it now please he z aUgandan and I provided documents to prove I’m the biological mother. I have looked after this boy my self with out fathers support if at all he z still alive . I would like to advise me the next step I should take now to start the process . I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

  17. Oh, processing my short birth certificate is this easy? Thank you. I was conned at Nasser road when I paid for the fake one. I will use your recommendation.

      1. The whole procedure of obtaining a NIRA foreigner parents birth certificate in Uganda remains the same. What differs is the amount of money one is required to pay since nationals and foreigners pay different amounts. Thanks for the comment.

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