How To Hard Reset HTO A3 MTK Android Smartphone

 HTO A3 MTK Android This guide is about how to hard reset HTO A3 android smartphone. If by any reason you would like to perform a complete hard resetting of your HTO A3 smartphone, then going through this post will help you learn how to go about the entire process, what key combinations you need to use and what you are supposed to do in order to complete the process.

HTO A3 is one of the Mediatek CPU powered android smartphones which are available on the market, and currently owned and in use by very many people including myself. This is because of their rich features and user friendliness when it comes to using them. You are able to download and install all of your favorite applications including whatsapp, youtube, gmail, twitter, imo, viber, facebook and all others you know.

As we know, sometimes somewhere, one may want to perform a hard resetting of his or her device for reasons which may include but not limited to forgetting the password, PIN, Pattern code and or simply wanting to wipe all data on the device so as to start a fresh. Here is how to hard reset HTO A3 mtk android smartphones.

1. Turn off your HTO A3 mobile and remove the battery for 5 seconds if you can.
2. Replace the battery back, press and hold Vol down, then press power key.
3. Once the phone vibrates, release power key and keep hold of Vol key until you see recovery screen.
4. Using Volume keys, select wipe / delete all data and press power key to confirm.
5. Select Yes to all data and press power key to confirm.

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You will see your HTO mobile process the request until the same recovery screen shows up again. You will press power key to confirm reboot now. Congradulatios, you are done with hard resetting your HTO mobile. You should start using it as it was new when you first bought it. Please note that saving all your important files and data before doing this will save you since all data lost won’t be recovered and you do it at your risk if you didn’t save your data.

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