How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website In Uganda?

cost of hosting a website in uganda

The cost of owning a website in Uganda has continued to become cheaper each day that goes by. This is because of the increase in the availability of Domain and web hosting providers with each having different prices for the different services.

From as low as UGX 0/=, you are ready to go online. Yes, there are a number of free web hosting providers that are ready to host your website 100% for free. If you chose to go for any of them, you will be saving lots of cash and shifting your focus to content creation and domain maintenance.

Is free web hosting worth it for your website in Uganda?

Yes, whether you are a newbie or guru, free website hosting is an ideal solution for you. Besides helping you save, your free hosting allows you to understand more when it comes to cutting costs related to hosting. For example, you learn what to do to minimize web space usage, bandwidth accumulation, etc.

Therefore, free Webhosting in Uganda has lots of benefits associated. Personally, I host this website completely free of charge with one of the providers below. But do you know how much I save in terms of hosting fees? This you can’t imagine unless you are using the same service I am using – Ezoic WordPress Hosting.

7 free web hosting providers to host websites in Uganda


Ezoic’s WordPress hosting allows you to host your website 100% free of any costs. All you are required to do is to become part of their publishers and enjoy all associated benefits including double earnings, a handful of resources for website growth, free WordPress hosting, etc that you will never find anywhere else. Click here and see how Ezoic can improve your EPMV.

Blogger is a free blog hosting service by Google. When you sign up, you are given a free subdomain, for example, Following a few simple instructions, you can map your new domain name to Blogger and have it hosted completely for you. Blogger allows you to host a website in Uganda for free while giving you unlimited services including up to 99% uptime. has continued to make itself a name in the world of free Webhosting. They offer the best free website host services for Uganda websites that are similar to paid hosting. All services are available including no forced ads, no limitations, $0.00 fees, and much more. Check full review of

Unlike other free web host services that limit you on resources, is totally different. You get unmetered traffic, free MySQL database, up to 1500 MB webspace, PHP, FTP, and more at 0 charges. gives your website up to 300 MB disk space, 10 Giga Bytes per month of transfers, MYSQL, Php MyAdmin, Web-mail, and other features.

When you sign up for, you get PHP support, up to 1500 MB webspace, full FTP, SSI, MySQL database, and others completely for free. You are ready to go live online just like that. gives you free daily/weekly backups, 5 databases, PHP, XML, PHP sockets, one-click script auto-installer, phpMyAdmin, unlimited accounts, and many others for free. This is unlikely to be found on any other free host.

On, you get free VPS and dedicated servers, cPanel, and many others. Your website is hosted all the time you want.

Paid hosting

From as low as $0.99, you can host your website in Uganda. With paid hosting, you bypass the limitations that are associated with free hosting. You even have an option to get a free domain name when you pay for hosting. You can check out this list for the best-paid hosting services you can try out.


Do you have a domain name and looking for a free web host in Uganda? Or you are simply planning to take your business online but with less hosting fees? Regardless of why you may be searching for a free host over a paid one in Uganda, the list above should help you get started at $0 costs.

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