How to Cancel URA Motor Vehicle Transfer Application

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Vehicle Transfer

You can cancel a motor vehicle transfer application in Uganda by notifying URA in writing. Depending on the reason as to why you decide to cancel the vehicle change of ownership application, and the urgency needed to have this done, URA allows you to do that using either of the available ways, a process determined by some factors.

In Uganda, it is the work of URA when it comes to First-time online registration of imported motor vehicles, and all others falling in the same category, and so to de-registrations, change of ownership, duplicates number approval, alterations to particulars, cancellation of applications, and etc.

This means that if at any one time one decides to have an application for change of ownership, duplicate numbers, alterations, and etc canceled, one must notify the licensing officer at Uganda Revenue Authority in writing in order for such to be honored.

Common reasons why one may cancel any URA motor vehicle transfer application

  • Deciding not to sell after transfer application registered
  • Inputting wrong transferee details for example Wrong TIN Number
  • Failing to honor the sale agreement terms
  • Transfers against the owners wish
  • Reselling before submitting the first transfer application
  • Finding the numbers plates in case of duplicate numbers
  • Wrongly capturing information as shown on inspection report
  • Etc

Such an application for cancellation of vehicle transfer, or any other task one may have applied for begins by the applicant – the person appearing as the owner in the logbook. Below is a checklist of the requirements to be submitted to the licensing officer.

Requirements when applying for a Cancellation of an application

  • Signed copy of the application to be cancelled
  • Owner copy of identification e.g. National ID copy
  • Letter requesting to cancel an application addressed to Licensing officer URA

How to apply for URA motor vehicle change of ownership cancellation

Compile all of the above requirements. In cases where the original generated motor vehicle application form is missing, you can re-access it by checking the email linked on the applicant’s TIN number, and or logging into the TIN and navigating to messages.

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Also, print the MVR form using the Acknowledgment number and Search code located on the Acknowledgment Receipt. This will help you get a form where you will sign, in addition to attaching others like the ID and letter.

Once you have all of the above, proceed to the URA Licensing officer for example Nakawa Headquarter Service officer for motor vehicle transfer, or other URA branch offices in cases of duplicates, motorcycles, etc., and submit. Your application will be rejected basing on your reasons as determined by the approving officer.

Note: In cases where such application processing fees aren’t paid to the bank (URA collection account), the application will auto-expire in 21 days from the date of generation. If you aren’t in a hurry, then you might skip the request to have an application canceled and waiting for auto cancellation.

On the other hand, if for example, you had paid, then submitting your request to cancel is mandatory since the application becomes locked once the payment PRN is paid at the bank. Or, in a situation you inputted the wrong transferee details like TIN, then you have to submit the request in order for it to be processed urgently so you can generate the right transfer application online by visiting the URA web portal.

How to Cancel URA Motor Vehicle Transfer Application

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