How To Confirm Your Identity With PayPal

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Confirm your identity PayPal

How to confirm your identity with PayPal? Here is how I successfully confirmed my identity as requested by PayPal. While I had read on the different forums that confirming identity with PayPal was a hectic process, I personally did it using my legitimate documents and within only 1 hour of submitting them, my identity was verified and confirmed.

If you are wondering how I managed to have my PayPal identity confirmed after receiving the “scary” message of how I was about to reach my account balance limit – a thing which can lead to temporary account limit until verified, please read on as I have shared the simple option I used.

Please confirm your identity – You’re about to reach your account balance limit is indeed scary why? According to the different threads on the same on the internet forums, PayPal users share how it can even take months before having your details confirmed, how documents you send can be rejected, and etc. But on my side, I was able to confirm my identity fast and easily.

What is required to confirm identity with PayPal?

Thank you for choosing PayPal as your preferred way to pay and get paid.

Providing our customers with a safer payment environment is important to us. As part of our continuous efforts in delivering this commitment and complying with regulatory requirements, we need you to confirm your identity at a particular milestone with us.

You’re about to reach your account balance limit. Please provide more information to confirm your identity. Just click the button below to provide the required documents.

Please confirm your identity at your earliest convenience. The information you provide will be protected. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

When you go through the above message, little does it share all the required details and what you need to confirm your identity. But when you click on the link and proceed to your account, you are required to do two (2) things;

  • Submit your scanned identification card (a mobile phone or landline number is also required).
  • Proof of address as indicated when you are signing up (Address must be in your address list or in country of account as you indicated, and it should be a utility bill, government issued doc, etc).
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Note: If you are very sure you used your real address and real names as they are on your identity card, rest be assured you will be verified and identity confirmed.

How to confirm PayPal identity

We have confirmed your identity

You can start the process of confirming your identity by clicking on the link provided in the email message from PayPal. The link will take you to the page where you will be required to tap on both the ID and Address verification.

On the ID option, simply scan your identity card containing all names as indicated on your account, upload it and that step will be done.

On the proof address, check what you have for example the Utility bill like electricity, water bill and etc, or any other document from the required list. Scan and attach it by dropping it in the required field.


Once you are done, you should wait a few hours or working days until you get an email notification of “We have confirmed your identity“or documents submitted rejected. Another message will contain, “Your PayPal Account Has Been Returned to Regular Standing”.

Ever received such a message? Feel free to share how you got past it so others can also be aware. You are also welcome to leave a comment in order to add on anything.

How To Confirm Your Identity With PayPal

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